Nadiya Braham Teams Up with her best friends to launch “Dining With Nadiva a TNT Production”

Talented Singer and Actress, Nadiya Braham, Hosts “Dining With Nadiva a TNT Production,” a video podcast to advocate for women empowerment

Dining With Nadiva a TNT Production is a video podcast that specializes in issues surrounding women empowerment, featuring discussions about love and relationship. The show will officially launch on Sunday, November 8th, 2020, as Nadiya and two other amazing hosts, Tasha and Tracy, deliver captivating content to the audience.

We are ALL working professionals who juggle being career-minded entrepreneurs and women of color. My goal was to bring some of our “Girls night” discussions to the world and what better way to have these thought-provoking discussions than to have them with my two best friends! So I pulled us all together and now you have “Dining With Nadiva a TNT Production!” said Nadiya Braham.

The subject of women empowerment has been a century-long discussion, with different initiatives put together by tons of organizations and well-meaning individuals to inspire women to reach their full potentials. The trio of Nadiya, Tasha, and Tracy have come together to take the discourse a notch higher with the creation of a signature video podcast that combines entertainment with thought-provoking content.

“Dining With Nadiva a TNT Production!” is particularly unique as three God-fearing, women of color step out on faith in a Genre of food and fine dining while bringing to bear hard-to-discuss topics, especially in the Christian community.

The hosts come from different backgrounds and will be sharing their diverse perspectives of relationships with their audience. Nadiya is in her early 40’s and has never been married. She has no kids and has explored offline and online dating. Tracy on the other hand is a single mother of 4 and a grandmother in her early 50’s. She is an HR professional and hopes to publish her book one day. Tasha completes the trio of exciting ladies as the actress, singer, choreographer, and director in her mid 40’s brings her perception of love and relationship to the show as a stay at home mother of 2.

The Nadiva & Friends Table Talk Show will also feature locally owned, minority restaurants, as they share their signature dishes with the audience to get some free advertisement and drive traffic to their businesses.

The premiere episode of the show will be aired on Sunday, November 8th, 2020, and will feature Executive Chef Brian Morales making the Ropa Nueva. Brian Morales will be on the first episode of the show with Eddie Duran, the co-owner of Son Cubano, a restaurant in West New York, NJ.

For more information about “Dining With Nadiva a TNT Production,” please visit – “Dining With Nadiva a TNT Production” can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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