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“We had to park unicorns in front of Lifetime movies with test tubes to capture their glorious tears.”
Unicorns, mermaids, and other mythical creatures are endangered. They’ve banded together to donate their literal blood, sweat, and tears to fundraise. These scented ‘slymes’ and putties are full of magical properties and beautiful glitter that’s perfect or gifting, fidgeting, or collecting the limited edition packaging.

Help Save the Unicorns with Scented Putties and ‘Slymes’ from Mythical Slyme

New Instagram-savvy toy brand merges storytelling with beautifully packaged, on-trend products

Mythical Slyme’s collection of scented, glittery ‘slymes’ and putties offers an exciting twist on the growing tactile compound market – magic. Kids are clamoring to collect apothecary-inspired vessels of 100% ethically harvested mermaid tail and unicorn poop in an effort to save the world’s endangered fantasy creatures.

As Mythical Slyme explains, mythical creatures have become endangered due to humanity’s cynicism towards magic. In order to save themselves, they’ve donated their blood, sweat, and tears ​(literally) to fundraise for magical animal conservation. It’s like a bake sale for unicorns, by unicorns. Best of all, a portion of proceeds is donated towards a cleaner environment to save real-life animals!

That’s right, unicorn poop. Kids’ enthusiasm for squelchy, twistable goo is no secret. The Mythical Slyme brand goes one step further by stirring the imagination. Not only are kids joining the cause to save magical creatures, but they also get to build their own ​limited edition​​ slime apothecaries, a perfect stage for endless, creative play. They’re also​ learning resourcefulness and taking a stand on issues​​ they care about via the brand story.

The Mythical Slyme line is right on trend. At this year’s American International Toy Fair, industry professionals named unicorns, mermaids, and well, potty humor, up there on the greatest hits list for 2019.

The expanding line includes large and small tins of glossy slime and shimmery putty ​(starting from $3)​ that will “cure boredom, fidgeting, and other serious ailments.” The oil-based putties served up in foiled, giftable tins – never dry out and feature special effects like color change. The water-based slimes feature duochrome glitters and cosmetic-grade shimmers for a visual treat. Both substances are scented with toothsome fragrances ranging from chocolate to cherry.

As you’d expect, these magical body fluids are perfect for birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, good report cards, or a surprise from the Tooth Fairy.

Don’t be surprised to find a tin or two on a workplace desks, either. While the young ones build coordination and reap the benefits of sensory play, adults have been known to reap a few benefits as well. Like the wildly popular fidget spinner, happy fans report that a bit of slime goes a long way for nixing nervous energy and facilitating concentration.

Aside from the glowing kid and adult reviews, the Instagram popular @​MythicalSlyme​ has been given the kiss of approval by @Glitter.Slimes, the most viewed Instagram “slimer” with over 2.1 million followers. The two have partnered this year to bring a limited edition set of Glitter Slimes x Mythical Slymes.

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