Review: Maximizing Marketing Efficiency through Digital Marketing

There‚Äôs no question that marketing is a significant part of a business’s undertaking. Companies pour a lot of money into advertising and promoting their products and services. How much? An average-sized company would spend anywhere between 5 to 10% of its total revenue on marketing. The larger the company, the bigger is the spending on marketing.

Fortune 500 companies – whose revenues go over 10 billion dollars annually – spend more than 12% on advertising alone. That is at least 1.2 billion dollars a year on just one type of marketing.

But as any savvy business person will say, it does not matter if one spends 12 hundred dollars or 1.2 billion dollars on marketing. What matters more is the certainty and speed of the money returned.

This is because marketing is treated as an investment. And like all other types of investments, what is looked at is ROI or Return of Investment. If the investment is wise then the return is assured, and even better, it returns with significant gains. Marketing is employed to promote a brand, generate and maintain interest, increase sales, and stimulate growth. Ultimately, marketing should help make a business profitable.

Most large companies have the resources to run fully staffed internal marketing departments. They regularly partner with big-name marketing and advertising agencies to take care of all their marketing concerns. On the other hand, smaller businesses do not have the same luxury. Smaller companies can hardly spend on analytics to calculate marketing campaign efficacy and ROI, much less on actual advertising. And so whatever amount of money they do spend on marketing, every dollar has to count.

Now, such concerns are less of a worry because there is one provider that offers digital marketing solutions for regular businesses: offers a range of services that are meant to be more than just an alternative to traditional or digital advertising. These are highly viable marketing solutions that require less money but offer maximum benefits.’s line of services starts with Sales Funnel Creation. A sales funnel is a consumer-centric marketing design that shows the theoretical path of a customer that leads to the final decision of purchasing a good or service. Sales funnels are effective templates for other digital marketing applications such as web designs or online marketing campaigns. With the Sales Funnel Creation service, can design, create, and present a custom sales funnel that will attract the right types of prospects for your business and convert them to paying customers at a higher rate.

No talk of digital marketing can be without the involvement of social media. Social media is the most popular communications and networking platform on the internet, and offers Social Media Marketing that capitalizes on what social media can do.’s Social Media Marketing is designed to broaden a client business’s market reach through organic means. It also improves brand visibility, especially among relevant audiences. All in all, Social Media Marketing will increase traffic to the client’s place of business, whether it is a brick-and-mortar store or website. This service package includes the management of one account on a chosen social media platform, a social media campaign planning and development, viral content creation, and campaign implementation. also offers a premium version of its Social Media Marketing service for clients who want to implement social media campaigns simultaneously over other social media platforms. A campaign carried out over different platforms will resonate even stronger with the target audience.

The marketing service provider also offers a special line of combined services. For one, offers Sales Funnel Creation + Social Media Marketing. This premium package yields a smarter and even more effective social media campaign that can attract higher inbound traffic and allow the highest conversion levels to happen.

More premium offerings involve the packaging of other marketing services to Social Media Marketing such as Video Sales Letter Creation, Premium Marketing and Sales Funnel Optimization, and Website Creation Services. To briefly explain each addition:

(1) Video Sales Letter (VSL) Creation – a VSL is a video form of a sales pitch designed to persuade a customer to make a purchase. The service provides VSL development and production.

(2) Premium Marketing and Sales Funnel Optimization – involves the production and development of a longer VSL, social media integration of the VSL, and application of campaign over multiple platforms.

(3) Website Creation – Full website production, including design and development, testing, and implementation. has shown to be capable of employing the strength of internet technologies in offering compelling digital marketing services that promise only gainful results.

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