“Mylo Finds a Friend” Celebrates Differences

Gale Riding, a mother and an author is all set to publish her debut book, “Mylo Finds a Friend” on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Gale Riding’s “Mylo Finds a Friend” Teaches Children the Importance of Friendship, Accepting Differences, and Compassion for Others.

Northern British Columbia, Canada – Gale Riding has released a new book titled “Mylo Finds a Friend” which aims to teach children the value of friendship, accepting differences, and having compassion for others. The book features a character named Mylo, inspired by a teal green moose that stood out in the author’s son’s stuffed animal collection when her children were young.

In “Mylo Finds a Friend,” readers follow the adventures of Mylo, a lovable character who learns the importance of accepting others, regardless of their differences. Through Mylo’s journey, children are encouraged to be kind and understanding, and to embrace the unique qualities that make each of us special.

Gale Riding, now living in Northern British Columbia with her Australian husband and two dogs, wrote “Mylo Finds a Friend” based on her own experiences as a mother and her passion for teaching children important life lessons. She believes that every child deserves to learn the value of friendship and compassion, and hopes that her book will help children understand and appreciate the differences in others.

“Mylo Finds a Friend” is an engaging and beautifully illustrated book that will capture the hearts of children and adults alike. With its important message of acceptance and friendship, this book is a must-read for parents, educators, and anyone who cares about helping children learn the value of compassion and understanding.

The book will soon be available for pre-order on Amazon and B&N, and we encourage readers to get their copies as soon as possible. Mylo Finda a Friend promises to be a fun and educational read that will leave readers with a sense of awe and wonder.

Don’t miss out on this educational and entertaining read for your kids at home or in classrooms. Book your copy for pre-order today and teach your kids the beauty of difference.

For more information about “Mylo Finds a Friend” or to purchase a copy, please visit Gale Riding’s website or Amazon.com

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