My Product Today Unveils its Soft Launch Beta Program, Offering Enhanced Support for Entrepreneurs and Manufacturing Firms

The soft-launch and pre-sale program by My Product Today provides businesses with the resources to facilitate their product launch with unprecedented ease

My Product Today is pleased to announce the release of its Soft Launch Beta Program, an initiative that aims to provide businesses in all industries with the necessities to introduce, launch, and market their products. The Soft Launch Program is part of My Product Today’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their product development process.

Since its establishment, My Product Today has been reckoned for its programs geared toward full-scale manufacturing and ensuring the highest quality standards and efficiency. The Soft Launch Beta Program is a response to the changing dynamics of the product launch process. From failure to address pain points to poor pricing strategies and much more, entrepreneurs and manufacturing firms are encountering stumbling blocks in their bid to launch their innovations.

My Product Today hopes to relieve producers of the strenuous process of launching their products through the Soft Launch Beta Program. “Our mission has always been to empower visionaries and entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to life,” cited Jason Rivers, the Managing Director of My Product Launch. “The Beta Program represents a pivotal shift in how we support entrepreneurs. By offering a soft launch and pre-sales strategy, we enable entrepreneurs to test the waters, gather valuable customer insights, and refine their products before fully committing to mass production.”

Entrepreneurs and businesses with products that meet My Product Today’s quality standards and have the potential for market success can participate in the Soft Launch Beta Program. By joining this program, participants gain access to My Product Today’s industry expertise, extensive resources, and global network, enabling them to refine their product development and mitigate risks.

In addition to these benefits, businesses selected for the program also receive fast time-to-market rates, access to expertise, and much more. They can also leverage My Product Today’s manufacturing resources and take advantage of the opportunity to build a dedicated customer base through pre-sales. By partnering with My Product Today, participants gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

For media inquiries and additional information, please contact Jason Rivers at or call (877) 326-2512.

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My Product Today is a leading international manufacturing investment firm, specializing in partnering with inventors to design, engineer, manufacture, and launch innovative products directly to consumers. With a focus on entrepreneurship, creativity, and industry advancement, My Product Today empowers inventors to transform their ideas into market-ready products. Led by Managing Partner Jason Rivers, the company is dedicated to shaping the future of consumer-driven innovation through strategic investments and collaborative partnerships.

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