“My girlfriend is a vampire” brings back the high school romance with a paranormal twist

Author Robert D. Jackson’s latest book, “My girlfriend is a vampire” is based on high school romance but with a paranormal twist, as the name suggests. Vampires are the hottest topic these days in the fantasy and thriller genre whether it is a TV series or movies. With his latest novel, author Jackson is bringing the vampire stories in a readable format, pretty much to the delight of the fiction book lovers and enthusiastic readers.

Larry Evans is an average high school student who feels out of place in his small town. He comes across a spellbindingly beautiful new girl in town, Veronique Cartwright who past is surrounded by mysteries and rumors that have the whole high school whispering. Veronique uses her looks to distract everyone from her true form so will there be any adolescent high school boy to stand a chance with her?

Larry couldn’t help but falls in love with Veronique, who opens him up to the world that he never knew ; the world full of hitherto unfelt excitement and a dark horror where vampires and mankind co-exist. Vowing never to leave her side, Larry delves deeper and deeper into her world. But are her charms distracting Larry from her blood-sucking ways, or is it true love? 

The book description sounds quite like a movie plot, filled with high school romance, adventure, thrilling twists, based in a paranormal setting. It is targeted to the readers who love the fantasy genre and especially the stories of vampires, a topic that instigates quite a lot of curiosity among the readers.

Within a few months of its launch, the book has received several good reviews from the readers on Amazon. “I’m always looking for great new reads. Finding “My Girlfriend is A Vampire was just that! Ever since Twilight, I’ve loved vampire stories, so I was so excited to have found this one. This one also includes a high school love story that every gal loves. A good-looking guy falling for a good-looking girl. But in this case, the girl isn’t what she seems. As he gets to know her better, a new world of darkness opens up before his very own eyes”, says one of the Amazon readers.

About Author

Rober D. Jackson was born in Kingston, Jamaica and has lived in many countries including New York, New Jersey, and California and now settled in Sugar Land, Texas. His interest in writing supernatural stories is inspired by the likings of his two daughters who love to read mystery and fiction books. He plans to come up with many other supernatural stories which will be loved by all kinds of readers and currently he is also working on a sequel to Love is Unexpected, in the My Girlfriend is a Vampire series.

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