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February 10, 2017 – Author Harris N. Rosen has released a book that will help people with keep track of records of family members when the household and family manager can no longer do so. The book, entitled My Family Record Book, details the information that will be needed by survivors when the manager dies or becomes incapacitated. The book is currently available at

It is often difficult for families to figure out where personal information is located when beloved members die. There are always final wishes to be met as well as determining what assets exist, how they are to be distributed and where they are.

The book begins by suggesting how to gather details on final wishes. The reader is then prompted to record information on what to do when a person dies. It continues by asking for knowledge of your finances, investments, insurance, leases, computer and health and medical issues as well as how to manage your household. There are sections on downsizing and how and where to get rid of stuff. And appropriate cartoons provide a lighter note.

The information requested in this guide is in depth and designed for all people. It is meant for those planning ahead as well as people who will be executing an estate.

Rosen has written this guide to help people make the process of handling personal information easy to manage. The task can be challenging at times as so much needs to be done. In addition, experience and data show that survivors experience depression and debilitating emotions upon the death of a loved one – making the job all the more difficult. My Family Record Book will empower your loved ones with knowledge during a stressful time.,204,203,200_.jpg

About the Author: Harris N. Rosen is a Harvard graduate and former mediator for the Community Mediation Center of Rhode Island, mediating cases in Rhode Island courts. He is the author of   “Control of the Army Budgetary Process” The Military Review, Feb 1955, US Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, pp14-23 and is the co-author of “Mediation Is Saving Litigants Time and Money,” and “Case Study Shows It’s Sometimes About Respect,”  Providence Business News, August 1-7, 2005. He is married with three children, two step children and ten grandchildren and lives in Providence, Rhode Island, where he has been a community leader.

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