My Extraordinary Life by Monica Sucha Vickers Tells the Remarkable True Story of a Triple Amputee Thriving Against All Odds

In My Extraordinary Life, award-winning author Monica Sucha Vickers shares the trials and triumphs of her life as a congenital triple amputee to help enhance readers’ perceptions of being disabled in an able-bodied world. An epic story of an ordinary, yet truly extraordinary life, Monica serves as a glowing example of what it means to be a tenacious woman in command of her own destiny.

Monica Sucha Vickers is the multiple award-winning author of My Extraordinary Life, a beautifully penned memoir about her life as a triple amputee.

Raised in rural Nebraska, Monica graduated from Syracuse High School in 1972 and from the University of Nebraska in 1976. Following college, she traveled to California and found a job as a medical transcriptionist. She worked in this field for 40+ years as a transcriptionist, proofer, business owner, mentor, quality coach and instructor.

Despite her disability, Monica lived a happy, fulfilling life, accomplishing things as if she were “normal.” Her story is a true testament to her indomitable spirit of courage and determination, showcasing what it means to live a life of purpose, inspiration, and ultimately, thrive against all odds.

This one-on-one interview shares Monica Sucha Vickers’ background and experience in writing My Extraordinary Life.

Tell us about My Extraordinary Life.

My Extraordinary Life is an inspirational, heartwarming and motivational anthology that shares the challenging journey of my life. I was born missing both legs and one arm, and I trace my journey from birth, through childhood, artificial limbs, surgeries, high school, college, employment, dating, marriage, and everything in between.

My story is designed to show readers that living with a disability is simply a lifestyle–it doesn’t make one courageous, brave, or heroic. Disabled people are very good at knowing what they can and cannot do, and knowing these limitations helps you look at the bright side of things and makes life meaningful and useful.

In the book, I provide uplifting advice, lessons and insights, showing that it’s not only possible to survive life’s challenges, but thrive despite them.

What inspired you to write My Extraordinary Life?

When I was 10 years old, my grandma told me that she thought I should write a book about my life. For years, I wondered, “What’s so special about my life?” She told me that one day I would know the answer to this, and made me promise to do it. Years passed, but I finally got it—I was physically very different. In the process of writing this book, I came to understand why it was so necessary.

For the first time, I share my many struggles and many successes, my innermost thoughts on life as a triple amputee, and the manner in which I overcame incredible odds and found happiness.

What is one message you would like readers to remember?

The worst thing about a disability is that people meet it before they meet you.  To me, my life was quite ordinary, yet, the more you read my story, you’ll realize that it was nothing short of extraordinary. I want readers to finish this book and never look at a “handicapped” person the same way again.

In the book, I discuss important topics such as what not to do when you meet a disabled person, insight on handling untimely questions and stares from children, views on dealing with discrimination and other emotional challenges, and suggestions on how to get through difficult days.

My hope is for readers to learn how to embrace life’s trials and pains because, quite simply, there is no alternative. By sharing my story, my aim is to evoke the true meaning of hope, endurance, positivity and acceptance.

Purchasing the Book

My Extraordinary Life has received positive reviews from well-known literary organizations, authors and reviewers around the world. Royal Dragonfly writes, “My Extraordinary Life is a true-life story of a congenital triple amputee who discusses her life struggles and accomplishments in a matter-of-fact fashion without any melodrama. It is an epic story of a very ordinary, yet truly extraordinary, life that will enhance every reader’s perception of a disability.” In addition, Chanticleer Reviews writes, “This is an important memoir that serves to bridge a gap between people of all shapes and sizes – no matter what their condition. An honest and courageous chronology of a life that truly deserves to be called “extraordinary.”

My Extraordinary Life is available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Readers are encouraged to purchase their copy today:

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