Musician, Producer and Digital Marketer Stack Pack Releases New EP, Invites Social Media Influencers

Musician, Producer and Digital Marketer Stack Pack Releases New EP, Invites Social Media Influencers

Musician, artist, and digital marketing pro Stack Pack has recently released his new EP, Stack Pack Volume 1, and is earning praise from his fans and followers. Going beyond music, Stack Pack (earlier also known as Trizzy Stacks) is available to any music artist for promotion and marketing on social media and other channels.

Every day, Stack Pack takes a new step towards his dreams, one of which is to help social media influencers get noticed. His services can be availed by anyone who is ready to invest in their brand and creative work. As the CEO of Internet Traffic LLC, Stack is also a music producer (signed with Money Records). In addition, Stack is learning about branding, sales, and high-income skills at the ATS Business University, where he is on a $30,000 scholarship.

My sound represents the current trends. I am always in touch with the fresh sounds and music trends that are in the air,” says Stack Pack. One of the major motivations behind his ventures is to help others who are going through the same struggles that he faced in his life and career.

Stack Pack hails from Boston, MA, but does not consider himself as base anywhere, for he enjoys connections everywhere. At school, friends called him Trizzystacks, for he was always making money in the hallways. As for his latest name, Stack Pack, that comes from clubhouses and the support he has offered to other artists to reach their goals with a pack of services.

His interest in music aroused at the age of 13 after watching Soulja Boy get famous on YouTube, Stack Pack absorbed the musical vibes and began working hard every day. Music was in the family too, as his father was in the music business. He is most proud of the “Out of the Mud” mixtape of 2016 hosted by Djshon Chicago. The same year he signed his first deal in Nottingham, England.

I live music. I am hungry and passionate enough to never give up. One should never give up, as success does not come overnight. So keep the flame alive, hustle and in the end, it will work out,” says Stack Pack.

Stack wants to record his own music in the future. His recent video is “Pressure”, launched in 2020: 

Anyone who needs help as a social media influencer can contact Stack Pack as he knows brands who will pay influencers who are serious. Producers looking for collaboration are also welcome, and those who need help with any aspect of digital marketing.

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