Music Guitar in 2019: Custom guitars for different personalities

Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Carlos Santana, Saul Hudson, all guitarists with very different personalities, but one thing in commune: in love for guitars. But what if the guitar itself – in terms of body colors, shapes, materials and even sketches – could express these personalities?

The answer to this question has been at the core of the foundation of Ipanema Guitars, a guitar brand company that place material quality and customization at the highest level. “In Ipanema Guitars” Chris Waltson, Operation Manager says “we want people to have a guitar with the greatest audio, but also a guitar that perfectly fits with the personality of the player. That goes as far as having one of our artists scratching the guitar itself with the photo provided by the buyer. For most of us, the guitar is a “friend” accompanying us through the years, helping us playing the soundtracks of our lives. In the same way we tattoo ourselves a memory, the face of the person we love, or simply a meaningful sketch, we want to have them on our guitar.”

The Marketing Launch

Ipanema Guitar has officially announced the launch of their Instagram contest. Guitar players are chosen by the company to be voted and eligible to win of the Ipanema customized guitars, as well as a full media coverage offered by GoodNoon.

As posted on their Instagram page indeed “We select the best music artists to help them promoting their talent. Artist of today is @tieramusic Give your like or comment, the artist with more engagements wins the custom Ipanema guitar shown in the image and a full PR coverage with GoodNoon (worth $2.000).”

The success of this initiative proves as customization when it comes to guitars is a rising trend in 2019 for artists of all around the world.

Ipanema Guitars Custom Design

Ipanema allows you to personalize your guitars introducing the Ipanema Custom Design Guitars.

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How it works:

1. During checkout, indicate whether you’d like to receive a classic or acoustic guitar. Upload the picture of the design you’d like to have painted on your guitar.

2. Receive a digital preview of the guitar with your custom design;

3. Once approved the digital design, you will be receiving your customized design guitar, hand-designed.

Ipanema Custom Designed Guitars come with the wireless integrated microphone.

This is a big innovation when it comes to classical guitars as they normally require you to buy external mics. These are not only expensive but – with the exception of the professional ones – they also suffer from background noises reproductions.

Ipanema guitars, instead, connects the integrated guitar microphone directly with an audio receiver with a 100% background noise remotion, and with a great quality sound.

Ipanema guitars adopt 2.4G high-frequency wireless technology, which allows 35M stable wireless connection and guarantee loud, clear & high fidelity sound transmission.

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