Music Business Connection Podcast Sponsored By 3000 Records

When Terrance D. Schemansky started up the Music Business Connection podcast in 2015, the first episode was recorded after many months of learning and preparation. That’s because starting a podcast, creating the podcast website, setting up a podcast recording studio, learning how to use everything (recording equipment, software, etc.), is time consuming. However, the learning process turned out to be a valuable experience.

Terrance’s company called 3000 Records became the sponsor of the podcast, as the company’s services such as Artist Newswire, Music Video Distribution, and other services were mentioned. As the podcast’s host, Terrance also made many connections in the music business he didn’t even imagine when starting out. This included being able to interview the former lead singer of the platinum selling rock band Toto, Bobby Kimball, the former manager of Stone Temple Pilots, Steve Stewart, and many other great people.

Episode topics covered recording music, music promotion, radio promotion, music marketing, booking shows, touring (travel), album sales, record labels, artist management, and more. Listeners gain insights into the careers of people who work in the music industry as they share their own experiences. While this is designed for musicians, it’s also something music fans can appreciate.

Preparing, recording, editing, and publishing each episode took about 5 hours, per episode. The podcast episodes were being released three times per week. With solid effort and peristence, 79 episodes were released. Episodes are available on iTunes, and other podcast platforms like Tunein Radio. Epidodes are also available directly through The Music Business Connection web site at

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