Muscle Car Fan Announces its Muscle Car Fan Live Talk Show

Denver, Colorado, February 12, 2016 – Get ready to get your own muscle car because Muscle Car Fan, an American car fan based websites is happy to announce its most anticipated event of the year and that is the “Muscle Car Fan Live Talk Show”. By bringing all car experts, content providers and fans together, the organization came up with this once-in-a-lifetime project. This is an inclusive live talk show that manages to bring out the best from the participants.

Muscle Car Fan Live Talk Show is hosted by an expert automotive enthusiast, Pat Caporuscio. Pat has been doing the job for more than a decade now and his experience in the field is extraordinary. He has been buying, selling and racing cars since then. His involvement to a variety of muscle car types started in the 60s wherein majority of his muscle car models are between the 60s and 70s. Not only is he knowledgeable about cars for he is also a well-known TV journalist. Actually, he just recently interviewed the editor of Autoweek, Rory Carroll.

Caporuscio together with the entire team of Muscle Car Fan asks for your help for everyone to enjoy the show. This is why they introduced this Kickstarter campaign to gain support from people. It is actually a fund raising project that aims to amass an amount of $50,000 until March 2, 2016. The proceeds of the project are directed towards financing bi-weekly episodes for one year. However, once they exceed to the expected amount, they promise to create more content and editions. All interested individuals who would like to get a copy of the future episodes can have access to every offer on their site as well as the VIP section.

At present, there are more than hundred content pages in the membership section that deals with buying, selling, restoring and all kinds of advice from the veterans. If you are in the VIP section, you will get an exclusive copy of their limited edition articles giving you valuable information about varied topics such as muscle car restoration, improvements as well as upgrades, technical issues, quality buying and a lot more.

Backing this Kick Start campaign gives you the chance to become one of the members of the VIP Owners Club. You will get tons of information about things that you want to know regarding owning a muscle car.

When you became a member, you have the privilege to get the following offers:

  • Muscle Car Owner’s Guide
  • Muscle Car Maintenance Guide
  • Muscle Car Buyers Guide
  • Maximum of 58 questions to Ask About Purchasing a Classic Muscle Car
  • List of 25 Best Muscle Car Models to Own 

The exclusive interviews are set according to the schedule wherein some muscle car top experts have joined forces to provide valuable information and helpful advice to all muscle car enthusiasts as well as those who dream to have one. The first episode talk show is about Pat’s interview with Ross Mills, the editor of Muscle Car Fan. Just like Pat Caporuscio, Mills has been into owning and restoring muscle cars at an early age particularly in his teens. In the past years, Ross Mills was able to gain knowledge about the things to avoid when buying or driving as well as the approaches to do to restore the car’s value.

Mills is responsible of majority of content on the website that is why he is considered a reputable editor of Muscle Car Fan. Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the muscle car industry, Muscle Car Fan Live Talk Show is the right show for you. So invite your family and friends to come to this spectacular event that you shouldn’t miss. You will be educated and provided with tons of information about muscle cars. Take note, the project will not move forward unless the goal is met.

The Muscle Car Fan Club is dedicated to continuously innovate more ways to reach out individuals who are muscle car enthusiasts. The organization is looking forward to more partnerships and events in the future but they know it will not be possible without your help. They have recorded over 500,000 of Facebook fans signers and the number is continuously rising up to date. You can be one of them and experience the thrill and joy out of joining the project. Be a part of this innovative campaign by sharing any amount you can and start a new adventure with the entire Muscle Car Fan team.

For more information, you may visit its Kickstarter campaign or go to their official website. Help bring this groundbreaking event to reality by giving your share to Muscle Car Fan.

Get started with a life built to grow and innovate for exciting offers from the organization.

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