MUMBAI ARTIST \’BMeF\’ RELEASES NEW ALBUM Five track album “Reverie” out now

MUMBAI, INDIA – 20 March, 2017 –  There is something so unique and special about coming across a musician who is not afraid to step outside the box to create an amazing sound so different. Mumbai, India music composer/songwriter BMeF after a couple years of development is ready to give the world his newest and initial creation under the BMeF moniker entitled “REVERIE” which is available now via digital format.

BMeF has a sound that encompasses so many elements of influence, yet still maintains a sound unique to his own production.  With influences ranging from Brian Eno to Radiohead to Pink Floyd and the Ramones he is able to blend these influences together in his own way with a special sonic tone. 

His music is self described at Electro Punk Rock and that can be delved into deeper in that according to BMeF “It’s not just music it’s also a form of culture at the same level. It for me refers to a society where common man rules don’t apply, but still it s in a frame where there is no violence.”,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/398549476/original/artworkEPreverie.png,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/398546261/original/Slide1_2.jpg,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/398546271/original/Slide1.jpg

The music is minimalist in nature, but encompasses such a rich variety of sounds that are not only classic analog, yet also layering in meaningful lyrics into the tracks. The release is a sonic explosion of really cool tones and subject matter. BMeF has a couple very interesting and well filmed videos on YouTube via the links below at the bottom of the release. 

He is able through the use of his music to bring imagery to the forefront and leave an impression on the viewer and/or listener. Please contact BMeF via Facebook for interview or media requests for more information.

It’s a beautiful release and showcases the following five music tracks along with music videos:

1.Three Smiles,
2. Make You Cry,
3. Bumrarum,
4. A Walk Into, and
5. Why.



Media Contact
Company Name: BMeF
Contact Person: Saaheel Bhatia
Country: India