Multitool by Cerberuso Perfect Hunters Accessory Claims Manufacturer

Long Blade 14 in 1 Multitool with Sturdy Carrying Pouch Can help Hunters Travel Light

It may be the height of summer but it is the time when seasoned hunters start to prepare for traditional seasons of hunting. These commence around mid-September through to the end of November leaving only six weeks remaining for some hunters to check and prepare gear for the coming year.

In a statement today by Multitool manufacturer Cerberuso they commented on how their 14 in 1 Multitool with long blade would make the perfect hunters accessory allowing hunters to travel light as it is able to accomplish many tasks that would normally take many much heavier individual tools to accomplish.

A spokesperson for Cerberuso explained, “Our 14 in 1 Multitool is a product used widely around the home as well as outdoors. It is truly a multipurpose tool for multiple purposes. We designed it as a rugged, sturdy device uniquely able to undergo the rigors of the outdoor and hunting lifestyle. Its 14 tools can cope with just about any eventuality that would normally require a whole bag of tools and with hunting season only six weeks away we just wanted to highlight to hunters starting to prepare their gear what a great addition the Cerberuso Multitool will make to their hunting kit.”

The Cerberuso Multitool is a robust stainless steel Multitool with 14 separate elements to include wire cutters, wire strippers, spring loaded nose pliers, serrated edge knife, long blade, short blade, bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdrivers in 3 sizes, Phillips screwdriver and file. The compact device is the perfect companion for anyone pursuing the outdoor experience and can easily cope with any task that would normally need a heavy bag of equivalent tools. Whilst a mainstay essential for many tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers and painters, the carrying weight of 9 ounces means that when its time to relax and enjoy the outdoors, the Cerberuso Multitool is the ideal traveling companion to ensure a trouble free outdoor experience.spokes

The spokesperson continued, “Customer who have bought our Multitool to use in the great outdoors have already given their verdict in the overwhelmingly positive response we have received via Amazon customer reviews. We think that hunters will love it as well. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just read how others have found the Multitool an invaluable tool for them”

Here are a few selected comments taken from Amazon. Read all comments at

“Awesome, heavy-duty multi tool. On par with Weatherman for a fraction of the price. 5 star customer service too.”

” QUALITY. This multitool is built solid. From the screws holding it together, to the pliers, to the knives/drivers…it’s all built solid. When you hold this multitool in your hand, it feels like a Cadillac.
– Everything locks into place. The pliers snap into place when opened so you don’t have to worry about them slipping during use. Each of the knives/gadgets also snap into place when opened, so again, you don’t have to worry about them closing when they’re in use. This is a huge plus for me, given I try to oil my tools on a regular basis. Some multitools are built lousy, so when they’re oiled down, they have no friction to keep them open, so the least amount of resistance closes the tools. This multitool, however, will NOT give you that problem. The only way you’re getting the knives/gadgets back in bed is through release tabs built into the multitool.
– The pliers are spring loaded. Given most multitools are used exclusively with one hand, it gets annoying to have to reopen the pliers when using it continually. Because the pliers in this multitool are spring loaded, they open automatically, making them a breeze to use.”

“Its definitely sturdy and heavy like the Gerber brand.

My husband is a multitool junkie and was a zookeeper, hes a PURIST for Gerber and he was convinced it was by them. So ots really beautifully crafted, a bit heavy, which is AWESOME because the whole thing is metal and not plastic handled.
Comes with with a case that will slip on your belt loop.
Definitely worth the purchase and I keep it everywhere because you never know!!!”

The Cerberuso Multitool is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time it may be able to purchase the Cerberuso Multitool at a 25% discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price)


Cerberuso is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the Cerberuso Multitool with Carrying Case. The Multitool is available exclusively to purchase at Amazon USA.

For more information you can also visit their website at

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