Much-Awaited Thriller, ‘The Show Mayor’ by Matthew Williams, is Finally Out on Halloween

Much-Awaited Thriller, ‘The Show Mayor’ by Matthew Williams, is Finally Out on Halloween

‘The Show Mayor’ brings a fresh breath to the mystery, suspense and thriller genres.
Upcoming author Matthew Williams has released his highly anticipated work, ‘The Show Mayor’ on Halloween.

Bringing a fresh breath to the mystery, suspense, and thriller genres, the story of Benny and his friends and their very first investigative case keeps readers hooked till the end. With page-turning thrills and a riveting story, ‘The Show Mayor’ is also expected to be turned into a series or a movie.

It took just one summer to change it all. ‘The Show Mayor’ revolves around Benny Breezy and his four friends, Simon, Mallory, Doyle, and Nasser. Students at Glass Art, an elite boarding school, they eagerly await the summer vacations. But Benny Breezy, who is also a piano prodigy, after several disappointments, leaves for home. Meanwhile, working as Investigative Reporters at The Daily Maglorix Newspaper, Benny and Nasser along with Simon, their photographer, learn that the newspaper is closing. All hopes vanish until a mysterious person comes to their rescue.

Benny and his friends come to know that a famous singer has been accused of stealing The Ape Skull from The Diamond Museum in Amsterdam. Benny, Nasser, and Simon along with Mallory and Doyle visit Los Angeles to interview him. While in Los Angeles, Benny along with his friends stay with his estranged Aunt Fanny, who lives in a penthouse at a circus-themed hotel called The Show Mayor. As they investigate the case Benny and friends find out that their enemy, Mad Ffraid Brat, is more dangerous than they could ever think.

‘The Show Mayor’ will appeal to readers of all ages, especially the teens. More than just a thriller, the fiction sends out a powerful underlying message for everyone to follow one’s dreams.

Matthew Williams was born in Georgia, where he developed a deep passion for writing and literature. His favorite books are ‘A Child Called It’, ‘Tuck Everlasting’, and ‘Freak the Mighty’.

‘The Show Mayor’ by Matthew Williams is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback editions.

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