Mr. Get Paper Presents ‘The Island’: A Sensuous Journey of Persistence and Serenity

In the serene solitude of Maui is where G.P. (Dawud Sami) spends most of his winters creating and is behind his masterpiece, “The Island”, a musical odyssey that transcends boundaries and beckons listeners to embark on a soul-stirring journey. 

With each song on this album, G.P. invites us to explore the captivating world of his imagination, where life’s rhythms blend effortlessly with the melodies of his soul. Excited and curious, we dive into “The Island”, eager to discover its stories and share its emotions.

The playlist begins with ‘Suppression,’ a powerful anthem that illuminates G.P.’s relentless struggle against those who sought to hinder his rise to fame. Recognition of his achievements turned into a battleground of suppression for Mr. Sami. “I’m actually making it! I was truly breaking free from the stereotypes and statistics of my upbringing, but it felt like at every turn, someone was attempting to stifle my progress,” he revealed. “I was going thru so much when I wrote suppression, constantly watching my back and my front”. He elaborated on how those closest to him could harbor such envy that they’d resort to theft or violence, seeking to dismantle everything he painstakingly built. Mr. Sami recounted an incident where he renovated an entire building, investing his own resources. However, instead of acknowledging his efforts, the landlord opted to double the rent, driven by greed upon witnessing his flourishing success.  “You know corporate America will strip you of everything you got. They do that to monopolize and control who becomes rich and successful. That’s why I own my masters and my own businesses.”  

This album is clearly a vibe! Delicately tailored with the ladies in mind, it radiates an irresistible charm as it weaves together melodies and lyrics that resonate directly with the heart. Dawud’s favorite track on the album is ‘We Ain’t Done Yet’ because it encapsulates his resilience and unwavering determination to persevere. Throughout “The Island”, G.P.’s central message remains unmistakable: never give up! #PrayersforLahiana

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