Mr. Cup Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Ephemerid Playing Cards

Ephemerid playing cards are 52 individual works of art, one for each week in the year, with a unique design based on Fabien Barral’s collection of ephemera. Each card features a word of wisdom to inspire any day of the year.

The origins of playing cards is very interesting.  Each deck contains 52 cards, one for each week of the year.  Further, the cards are divided into groups of 13, representing 13 weeks in each season.  There are four different suits representing the 4 seasons. Now, Fabien Barral, an innovative and unique graphic designer and “Mr. Cup” blogger, has used his talent to bring the public a work of art, in playing card form.  

The cards come in a standard tuck case, printed by NPCC Noir Arts.  In addition, the deluxe tuck case will be printed in letterpress in France y Studio Pression.

Why Ephemerid?

Ephemera are collectables such as posters, bus tickets, playing cards, or even postcards that were intended to last only a short amount of time when originally produced.  Ephemeride is a French name of a paper calendar that gives the user daily information for an entire year. Combine these two words together and Ephemerid is born.

Each playing card comes with a unique design from Barral’s thousands of photos, hand-letters, invoices, bills, and tickets.  Added to each card is a featured word of wisdom. Pull a random card and let the day be inspired by the cards word of wisdom.

The Deck

Each standard edition deck features:

  • 4 color tuck box with seal

  • 54 Cards (2 jokers) with embossed finish

  • Available upgrades of embossed front,

  • inside tux box printing,

  • and 4 additional cards:  2 more Jokers, a double-backer, and a special card

Each deluxe edition features:

  • Dark paper tuck box

  • Gold ink on the front and back of cards

  • 58 cards including the 4 jokers, a double-backer, and a special card

Located on the web at, pledge levels range from €1 to €300, and include:

  • €1 – Receive updates on the project

  • €10 – Standard deck of 54 card in standard printing tuck

  • €14 – Deluxe Deck of 54 cards in Deluxe letterpress printing

  • €24 – Standard and deluxe pack

  • €30 – Collector pack including, one standard edition, one deluxe edition, set of 4 letterpress coasters

  • €42 – Six Ephemerid standard edition decks

  • And much more!

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

Media Contact
Company Name: Mr Cup Studio
Contact Person: Fabien Barral
Email: Send Email
Phone: +33626110782
Address:50 rue de Chartrouse 13200
City: Arles
Country: France