Move Over Mouthguards: TJz Balm™ Launches an Organic Solution to Teeth Grinding for Pandemic Stress

Move Over Mouthguards: TJz Balm™ Launches an Organic Solution to Teeth Grinding for Pandemic Stress

TJz Balm
TJz Balm™ has launched an organic and botanical topical night-time pain relief balm to combat teeth grinding, jaw pain, and promote sleep, especially during the pandemic, leaving skin silky soft and clear thanks to natural ingredients. This FDA-OTC drug contains a unique formula derived from seven plants including organic lavender, ginger, and jojoba.

A professional mom and son duo with degrees in nutritional biochemistry and industrial engineering suffering from night-time TMJ-related clenching and pain were driven to use a combination of recipe development skills and knowledge of botanicals to create an effective pain relief and relaxation formula. Over 40,000,000 Americans have jaw pain related to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and use uncomfortable (and unattractive) expensive nightguards, botox or undergo major facial surgery for relief. TJz Balm™ in conjunction with conventional methods of treatment moisturizes and relaxes the jaw using a proprietary hands-free massage applicator. It’s best to consult with your doctor or dentist before making changes to your routine.

Most of us who grind our teeth at night would love to lessen the need for mouthguards. Here’s why:

● Mouthguards make your mouth ache vs. TJz Balm™ relaxing the jaw

● Difficulty falling asleep vs. TJz Balm™ promoting sleep through botanical ingredients including organic lavender

● Mouthguards are unattractive for your significant other and yourself vs. TJz Balm™ mild and pleasant natural scent

● Mouthguards are expensive – up to $1500 without dental insurance and wear out/need to be replaced vs. TJz Balm™ at $18.99 per tube that lasts up to 3 months

● Mouthguards promote grinding and clenching vs. TJz Balm™ calms and soothes the face

● Mouthguard upkeep and daily cleaning can be unsanitary vs. TJz Balm™ hands-free applicator tip

TJ Anapol, the President of TJz Balm™ says, “Most name-brand OTC topical pain relief formulas use synthetic chemical ingredients that may be detrimental to your skin, whereas TJz Balm™ is made with 100 percent botanical ingredients that are soothing for delicate areas of the jaw, neck and behind the ears. ” TJz Balm™ is manufactured in the USA with global ingredients, is dermatologist reviewed and GMO-free, and uses no animal-testing.

TJz Balm™ is available to purchase on As a kickoff, all orders will receive free standard shipping in the continental USA. Buy 3 and get 15% off. A portion of profits will be donated to TMJ research:


More About the founders:

The mom of the TJz Balm™ family, an award-winning nutritional biochemist with years of recipe development expertise, and her manufacturing engineer son, who both suffered from TMJ-related pain, put their scientific skills to work. With a passion for healthy living, organic ingredients, and keeping their skin looking healthy, relaxed and young, they created TJz Balm™ in their kitchen through many years of testing and development.

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