MoTra Team Announces Retro Multimedia Player with Wireless Charger for Phone

Vintage was fun and fabulous before smartphones came and chased them away. Now, MoTra, a speaker with outstanding audio performance is making a comeback, with nostalgia and multi-functionality

Radio design in the past was cool and stylish. Then, mobile phones came, and everything went into extinction. Now, the MoTra team are bringing back the old school and combining it with new technology to create something outstanding.

Meet MoTra, a Retro Multimedia Player with Wireless Charger for Phone. The team has launched their Kickstarter campaign to bring this excellent product to the world.

MoTra comes with wireless charging so, no cords. With a simple swipe of the speaker surface, it can easily be turned on or off.

There are two nobs on the speaker; one for selecting song playbacks and the other for volume and play/pause. MoTra speakers deliver an incredible sound that is just out of this world.

It’s the perfect retro device for enjoying the day with a loved one, with the favorite songs, TV shows, movies, and other entertainment nonstop.

To support the project, please visit the Kickstarter Page.

Nostalgia feels good and what better way to enjoy the experience than with radio design comeback. MoTra Team desires to merge old school design with modern technology to deliver a product that stands out; both in functionality and appearance.

Interestingly, the primary consideration of the designers is wireless capability. That’s why the speaker allows wireless charging pad, hands-free calling, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Compatibility is also another point of interest that makes the speaker desirable. It comes with an Era-Look of slanting grille made from dark, soft rubber, and two knobs. There is also a brownish strap made with genuine leather on top of the radio easy carrying.

At the back of the radio is the power cord for charging, TF Cards that connect to other playback sources, and 3.5mm Aux Port for hands-free calling. MoTra is the perfect device for lovers who want to stay close to each other while enjoying the best of entertainment.

For more information, please contact 9095600999,

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