Mother & entrepreneur Pieper Stewart starts fundraiser after losing business to mortgage crisis

Pieper Stewart, mother, and entrepreneur has started a crowd funding campaign on to raise funds for her small business project Entertwine Management. She was living a luxury life, living in a condo, traveling the world until her company closed down due to the mortgage crisis. She lost her source of money and had to struggle for basic necessities between 2010 and 2014. She moved 3 times with her daughter, trying to find a job but failed and finally moved back with her family. “I was loading the U-haul truck to move out of my apartment, my daughter was loading up her father’s SUV with her belongings. My relationship with my daughter got so bad that she would tell new friends that she didn’t have a mother”, she writes in the campaign.

Having faced such unforeseen circumstances, she was devastated but not ready to lose hope. She gathered back her courage and worked day & night to seek small businesses that would hire her for any aspect of business development, and finally started working with Entertwine Management. She soon realized that small businesses like Entertwine Management need to have more funding sources other than traditional options. They need to discover the potential of newer capital raising options such as crowdfunding where small contributions from a large number of people can really impact a business.

With that in mind, Pieper along with Entertwine Management decided to build the Small Business Invisible Bank Southern California for establishing crowdfunding as a feasible solution for business expansions and start ups. This would not only benefit the small and medium size businesses but the start ups that struggle to kickstart their business due to limited finances. Her experience as an entrepreneur, in expanding, developing and selling businesses along with the expertise and strategy offered by Entertwine Management is combined in this project that is aimed to support small businesses and start ups.

Unlike the bank finances that require the businesses to follow certain credit and criteria, crowdfunding is for everyone. Anyone with a product or service that interests the masses can be supported by people worldwide, that’s why it has become a viable option for the small scale business owners. “It is estimated that by 2025, the global crowd-funding market potential is estimated to be between 90 billion and 96 billion as reported by World Bank.”

Over the years, Entertwine Management has helped businesses and start-ups in expansion and funding and now it is planning to expand itself into branding and advertising solutions for their clients. The branding and advertisement will include the formation of business logos, merchandise with brand names, promotional products and other strategies to establish the business in the market. For this expansion, the company will certainly require more equipment such as printer press, TV monitors, security system etc, as well as a larger office space and two new employees for which, they’re hoping to raise $165k through the Gofundme campaign. The interested backers can view the cost breakdown and various perks offered on the campaign page.

For more information drop an email at or give a call to Pieper Stewart  at (310) 684-2034

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