Most Wanted Layoff Proof Tech Skills in 2023

Most Wanted Layoff Proof Tech Skills in 2023
In recent years, the technology industry has experienced unexpected layoffs, with companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, and Intel requiring employees to leave their positions.

The technology industry constantly evolves, and the recent release surge has expedited specific changes. One of the reasons attributed to such layoffs is the trend towards prioritizing automation and AI. Businesses seek to reduce expenses and improve productivity, leading them to rely on automation and AI for tasks that humans formerly carried out. This trend is expected to persist in the coming years, resulting in fresh prospects for individuals who can conceive, construct, and execute these upcoming technologies. Such skills that employers prioritize despite volatile markets and global slowdown can be considered lay-off-proof skills. Let’s talk about these skills and learn how you can acquire these for a future-proof career.

Top 5 Skills to Start Learning in 2023

  • CYBERSECURITY: Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent today, and companies require skilled cybersecurity professionals to safeguard their systems and data. Professionals in this field may consist of individuals such as IT specialists, engineers, and cybersecurity experts. Cybersecurity professionals, such as network administrators or IT consultants, can hold various positions and can work independently as consultants or freelancers. At Infosec Train, the Cyber Security Orientation Training aims to cultivate advanced skills necessary for the Cyber Security field.
  • CLOUD COMPUTING: Nowadays, all businesses are tapping into the cloud’s immense power and flexibility. Cloud computing allows for providing on-demand computer systems, storage, processing power, data security, and software services without needing in-house management or storage. Due to its cost-effectiveness, the tech industry needs more cloud computing professionals who can provide their valuable expertise and manage cloud deployments seamlessly. 

Allied Market Research has predicted that the market for cloud services will experience an impressive growth trajectory, increasing from 374,770 million dollars in 2020 to 1,620,597 million dollars by 2030, with a CAGR of 15.8%. This transition involves various industries, such as IT-based outsourcing, healthcare, finance, etc. Cloud architects, cloud administrators, and cloud-based developers are currently in high demand across industries. Infosec Train, a leading training organization in Asia, provides a comprehensive course on Cloud Computing that assists security professionals in gaining valuable knowledge about cloud security. The course covers various challenges faced in cloud security and provides solutions to address them.

  • DATA SCIENCE: Data Science comprises various innovative technological concepts, including the Internet of Things, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. As it continuously progresses and develops, the impact of Data Science has grown significantly. The demand for professionals skilled in data science is increasing across all industries, not just limited to the technology sector. By taking the Data Science Certification course at Infosec Train, you will understand important concepts such as data science, data analytics, data visualization, machine learning, predictive analysis, neural networks, big data, data warehousing, and data preparation.  
  • DATA PRIVACY: Many businesses have recognized the importance of hiring a data privacy officer to safeguard their data and comply with GDPR and other regulations. Many organizations worldwide are now complying with GDPR’s requirement for appointing a Data Privacy Officer, regardless of their location, if they process or store the personal data of individuals. Infosec Train offers a GDPR Certification online training course that will enable individuals to manage and execute the framework of compliance with respect to personal data protection. 
  • AI & MACHINE LEARNING: Learn AI or get left behind by someone who knows AI. With AI’s predictive algorithms and models, data can be analyzed and potential outcomes of various scenarios and trends can be determined. This advanced computing technology also speeds up research and development by quickly processing data that would have taken much longer to analyze without AI. ChatGPT is powered by AI, making it one of the most remarkable advancements of the decade. To reduce expenses and optimize operations, businesses are now seeking individuals with the expertise to create, produce, and execute automation and AI innovations. Learners can get comprehensive training via Machine Learning with AI, a program that aims to provide a deep understanding of the core concepts and components of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. The course covers various machine learning algorithms, such as regression, ANN, SVM, decision trees, clustering, NLP, recommendation systems, reinforcement learning, and the Azure machine learning cloud platform.


Although layoffs can occur in the tech industry, some skills can never go out of trend. To increase your chances of surviving a layoff and securing new opportunities, staying current with industry trends, continuously improving your skills, and cultivating a solid network are essential. As the tech industry continually advances, new areas of growth and innovation will emerge, leading to further job prospects for skilled tech professionals. By acquiring the skills and certifications mentioned above, employers will certainly regard you as irreplaceable assets in their organizations.

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