Mosaic Area In Homes Is A Place To Express One’s Childhood Talent Into Reality

In people’s minds, small mosaics are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms, and now mosaics have developed in “multiple directions”. With their unique artistic temperament, they have conquered every corner of the living room and become the endorsement of the trend. Mosaic was originally a kind of mosaic art, which is art expressed by applying painted patterns of colored mosaic pieces such as small stones, shells, ceramics, glass, etc. to walls or floors. Today, mosaics, especially natural marble mosaics, have been scattered all over the world and still display amazing artistic expression. Just looking at a small piece of mosaic is not enough to judge its popularity index, but because of its small size, it can be combined into any mosaic pattern, whether it is a regular geometric mosaic pattern or a water-jet cut sunflower mosaic tile pattern, and there is absolutely no difference with others suspected of mode collision.

When we were kids, we always liked to draw our thoughts on the wall. When we grow up, we still want to express our talents in our own space. Today, when individuality is flamboyant, mosaics can satisfy multiple wishes at once, whether it is a post-modern collage or a gorgeous mural, as long as you can think of it. At Milan Design Week 2008, Bisazza, one of the top luxury brands in the fashion design industry, presented the mosaic patchwork works of French designer Andree Putman and Spanish designer Jaime Hayon to the public. In the splicing decoration creation works, mosaic has brought its artistic value and diversity to the extreme, which is amazing.

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Mosaic seduces people with its colors and patterns. In addition to bathrooms and kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms are gradually irresistible to its charm. Mosaics can be everywhere: there can be mosaics on a small wall, or there can be collage patterns on the entire wall, or on the floor, or on furniture… No matter the size, no matter where the elegant artistic atmosphere fills the whole space. Room. How could a modern urbanite who is both emotional and creative let go of such an opportunity to create? The post-modern discourse is mixed with mosaic thoughts, each grid has a small story, and the collage is more interesting. Mosaic wall and mosaic lifestyle are the trends led by mosaic.

In our own space, we can show a different pattern, it can be very post-modern, or nothing at all, as long as we want, this space can be very classical, very modern, or very gorgeous, It can also be minimalistic, or both. The beauty of Mosaic is that it is very self-conscious and at the same time full of emotion. Make your own collages in your favorite style. The nobility of a mosaic lies not in itself, but in its design potential. The mosaic materials mainly include marble, ceramics, glass, metal, etc. Random collages can easily create a psychedelic and romantic texture, which is just in line with the hobbies of modern families.

The use of mosaics in large areas will bring a sense of fragmentation and completeness. Stone makes the most common mosaic material simple but not monotonous, and the splicing effect is achieved through color matching. Elegant style, romantic atmosphere, and creative concepts spread everywhere, with mosaic as the carrier, filling the whole room. The personalized atmosphere may be the familiar feeling as soon as you step into the door. A personalized collage of busy city people dragging their tired bodies back home. The familiar space is fascinating, which is the most intimate harbor in life.

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