More People Seeking Help for Marijuana Addiction After Lockdowns

Addiction is never easy. It’s something that most people struggle with for their entire lives. One of the most important things for helping people recover from their addiction is a support system. Sadly, with the onset of Covid-19, those support systems were scrambling. Meetings were cancled, and group therapy wasn’t an option. People couldn’t even get together with friends or family to help keep them on track. So it’s not surprising that those prone to addiction found the lockdowns challenging.

Unfortunately, many people turned to substances in an attempt to help them cope with the pandemic stress. Some used marijuana to self-medicate for things like anxiety and the fear of the unknown. Now, they are finding it difficult to walk away from as things get better.

As the restrictions lessen and it’s become clear how to interact safely with people again, more and more people are looking for help in dealing with their newly formed addictions.

Addiction can come in all sorts of forms and substances. Marijuana is just one substance to which a person can become addicted. Anytime a substance starts to interfere with a person’s life, or they feel dependent on it to keep going, it’s time to seek help.

“There has been a steady increase in people looking for help. People are ready to get back to normal. The treatment industry has worked tirelessly to meet all the covid-19 recommendations from mask mandates to social distancing. Everyone just wants to ensure that patients are safe and can get the help they need to get over their addiction and get on with their lives.” Said a spokesperson.

Treatment programs are custom-tailored to individuals to ensure they get the most out of the experience. What works for one client doesn’t always work for the next. One of the essential parts of the recovery process is identifying the underlying causes of addiction. If a person can understand what drove them to use a substance in the first place, their chances of not repeating the mistake are hugely improved.

Marijuana addiction may not be considered as serious as other addictions. However, anytime any substance begins to impact a person’s life negatively, it should be regarded as a severe problem and treated as such.

Treatment involves getting professional help to ensure that a person can get back to a healthy life free of addiction. It’s a complex process but a rewarding one. Family can be invaluable in their support for a loved one dealing with addiction. They are encouraged to interact with the treatment process so that they can better understand addiction and help their loved ones stay clean.

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Inspire Change Wellness is an addiction treatment facility specifically for men. They provide rehab and treatment options for all sorts of addiction issues including, drugs and alcohol. They also offer mental health as part of the holistic approach to addiction, aiming to treat the person as a whole rather than just the addiction. All programs are individualized, and they encourage family support.

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