More Hype on Social Media Made Easy with Launch of HypeBiz

Chicago, IL – The success secrets of small businesses always contain a well known ingredient called hype. With the advent of social media, hype has taken on a new importance, and helping entrepreneurs and small businesses generate enough of it is the newly launched marketing firm, HypeBiz.

Latest studies reveal the central role of social media management in boosting prospects. Fifty seven percent of a sales funnel is now attached to social media, from where three in five small businesses gain customers. No small business can ignore the fact that 74 percent adults are on social networks, and before making a big purchase decision, 81 percent customers engage in prior online research.

HypeBiz has launched four main services that every business today requires: social media management, content creation, influencer marketing and one-on-one consulting. Staying away from automated processes, its human team specializes in posting original content daily to get most likes and shares, and make new followers in one’s local region or city. A rise in followers and sales is guaranteed, along with value additions such as analytics and performance tracking, audience specific messaging, content enhancement based on reports and quick response times for customers.

The importance of engaging HypeBiz can be judged from the fact that, when handled internally, social media management can eat up valuable time of business owners, who must also learn to use specialized marketing tools. HypeBiz works on the simple strategy of posting regular updates, optimizing pages, creating an online voice that matches that of the owners, and providing instant alert on customer interaction with no messages missed.

“These days, business owners, both small and large, need to be on social media daily. Those who do this obtain a huge advantage over their competition. provides a simple solution for entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed and cannot hire extra staff to handle their social media pages. offers original white label branded content daily for only $89 per month,” said Chris Vee of HypeBiz.

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