More freestanding baths from JT Spas now more suited to smaller-sized bathrooms

Freestanding baths have often been seen as space-eaters, simply because they would take up a lot of space in the bathroom. But nowadays, there are more sizes available for freestanding baths as seen at JT Spas, where there are now smaller and more compact freestanding baths on offer.

JT Spas knows a lot about the entire variety of bathroom products available on the market today, from bathroom furniture to bathroom accessories, toilets, taps and basins, shower enclosures and cabins, baths, and more. But when it comes to baths, especially freestanding baths, JT Spas is a leading name indeed.

JT Spas has long had a relationship with a wide range of manufacturers and well-known brands, including Naples, Moods Richmond, Lisna Waters, Premier, Charlotte Edwards, Royce Morgan, Hudson Reed, Aqualux, Jupiter Showering, Insignia, and more. All these brands are on offer at JT Spas, and customers can additionally take advantage of premium discounts and bargains on their many products as well.

But there’s one product which has always been a popular buy with customers looking for quality, style, and elegance: freestanding baths. Freestanding baths are stand-alone baths which are the epitome of elegance and function. JT Spas adds, “Popular during the Victorian times and now having been totally reinvigorated with contemporary designs, freestanding baths are now making a comeback. If you have a small bathroom that will not be a problem as we have over 40+ small freestanding baths to choose from in (a) whole range of styles and designs.”

The smaller-sized freestanding baths selection at JT Spas is ideal for smaller bathrooms, as they are more compact and yet are still quite comfortable. One such model is the Naples Modern Double Ended Freestanding Bath in black, which is also currently on a Black Friday special. The unit is available for as low as £495, down from its regular price of £1299.

It measures only 1700mm by 800mm, and JT Spas adds more information about the product: “The Naples Black Freestanding Bath is one that reflects a more modern design, featuring a double ended bath design with a sleek looking over flow and click clack waste.” The bath has a black, glossy finish, and it is moulded from a total of two sanitary grade sheets of acrylic with a width of 5mm each and coated with additional fibre resin, enhancing its heat retaining capabilities as well.

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