The cryptocurrency world has been developed by different change-oriented projects. Every coin is developed to serve a purpose. Essentially, a coin is to be introduced with the purpose of introducing something new, innovative and economy building. However, different reports have shown that most coins are developed to only modify the existing system. Little changes are made with the original concept still in place. With this order, Moral Coin was developed to bring not just a modification of existing systems but a different, creative, friendly and an all-encompassing coin that opens a new way and approach towards the utilization of the digital world.

Moral Coin is developed to provide an ecosystem that will encompass both centralized and decentralized modes of operation. Unlike most ecosystems which incorporate only the decentralized system, Moral coin will open a dual blockchain system. With the traditional system, there would be an incorporation of chain stores operating in the ecosystem. These chain stores will be under a central management and the central management will be in charge of the activities of the stores. Moral Coin opens opportunity for those whose occupation requires a central system for operation. The central management in charge of the chain stores will verify all transactions within the stores.

The e-commerce platform will not only be opened to the traditional market but will also be incorporated in the decentralized aspect of the ecosystem. Traders who make transactions through the decentralized blockchain will have autonomous charge over all their transaction process. Moral coin aims to use the blockchain technology for easy transaction process between traders. The ecosystem will ensure that goods sent are verified and validated through the incorporation of the blockchain technology. With the incorporation of real-time auditing, the goods can be reviewed and accepted or returned for verification within few minutes. Transactions can occur anytime and any hour giving users’ the best on their table.

The ecosystem provides a platform where people can invest with their funds. The investment platform will be incorporated so that people can watch their funds grow and make use of it when the need demands. However, any cryptocurrency can be placed in the investment platform. Not only will the Moral token be used in the investment platform but any user with other types of cryptocurrency in their wallet will be allowed to invest.Funds that will be channel into property development.

While it seems impossible, Moral coin will link users’ wallets to the open chain stores. Hence, anyone with moral wallet on the moral exchange platform can buy in the open stores and pay with their digital coins. Despite this, no one will be able to access any users’ wallet. All wallets will be separate with each user having separate codes for every unlock. The wallet will be secured with the highest level of encryption codes. This would prevent any fraudulent act despite the traditional centralized market. Every transaction within the trade stores will be speedy and instant. Moral coin will ensure that users receive immediate notice on every transaction.

Moral coin would provide the populace with a coin that would be stable in value. To ensure smooth trading among traders on the ecosystem, the ecosystem would be developed to avoid reduction in the value of the coin. With stability in the value of the coin, ecommerce would be easier to engage in and no trader would be at loss. Traders would be able to get their goods at the right price and sell at an affordable and beneficial price. To further develop the ecommerce forum, Moral coin ecosystem will make provisions for discounts offers for all moral coin owners. While the normal traditional trade is being displaced, moral coin will provide a traditional market with low transaction fee, fast transaction process, immediate notification for every complete transaction and easily accessible traders.

Moral coin is providing an opportunity for people to engage in both traditional and blockchain ecosystem. With dual blockchain, Moral coin would be able to control as much users as possible. Though some people have rejected the concept of the centralized blockchain because of its susceptibility to hacking, moral coin purpose to have backup technology in place. With the backup technology, lost or stolen coins can be recovered.

Even if users decide to use the funds, there is a plan for property development. So basically, Users’ can register their properties in the ecosystem.

Moral coin will launch its Pre-ICO sales on the 25th of March and there would be Pre-ICO bonus all through the sale. The bonus strategy starts from the first week to the last week. However, the first week would come with higher bonus. The total funds generated will be used in developing the ecosystem.

Top investors have begun to request for an enclosed sale of the PRE-ICO as they intend to buy all mined coins. Traders who have had little opportunity to participate in previously developed ecosystem have also prepared to invest as much as possible during the PRE-ICO stage as the system took cognisance of their foundational mode of operation. Individual investors also requested that the date for the PRE-ICO launch be shifted backwards so they can use their available funds for investment.

With so much interests from both individual and group investors, sales could have started. However, moral launch promotes a system where everyone gets to be opportune. The date will still be retained and everyone can get to determine the fate of their digital assets. After the ICO, there would be an enclosure of the coin thereby promoting the value of the coin.

With the number of investors meeting with the team, the pre-ICO might be a sold out in the first week of its launch. Even so, most of the investors in crypto currencies are traders who need a coin with value. With Moral coin considering these set of people, this would certainly be the most valuable coin in 2018

Moral coin provides a world of choice as users can decide to make their services tailored towards the blockchain or still retain a centralized market system. Moral coin is here to incorporate all sectors in the market system. Now is not the time to be left out as there is an exclusive great bonus for early bird.

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