MooveTrax Protects Rental and Rideshare Vehicles from Theft and More

MooveTrax Protects Rental and Rideshare Vehicles from Theft and More
MooveTrax provides fast real-time tracking of your cars with the most advanced features for car rental companies and those who use carshare services like Turo, HyreCar, and Getaround.

Individuals typically don’t think about their rental car being stolen, but the owners of those vehicle are well aware of the possibility. Statistics show that the rate of thefts for rental vehicles has increased by 25 percent since 2019. The MooveTrax device is a single solution with all the needed features to protect rental and rideshare vehicles.

Developed by a rental car owner, the device is hardwired into a vehicle. MooveTrax is appropriate for rental car companies and individuals that offer rideshare services encompassing Turo, Getaround and HyreCar. All the features are easily accessible from a mobile phone and is ABI compliant. It enables car owners to quickly and efficiently recover their cars if its stolen. Owners using the advanced technology built into the device have access to a variety of tools such as car rental GPS and the ability to track the exact location of their vehicles.

Car owners’ rate MooveTrax as the best GPS tracker for Turo. The contactless technology contains features that enable car rental agencies and rideshare car owners to honk the horn of a stolen vehicle to aid in locating it in crowded environments. The technology identifies an open hood, excessive speed, toll reporting, and it has Turo calendar integration.

A Turo lockbox is included, along with Bluetooth proximity and a kill switch. The car owner can lock and unlock the car from their phone and there’s unlimited geofencing. Car owners enjoy multiple accounts to cover all their vehicles. Owners can enter the VIN number, year, color and other details, along with employees authorized as sub-users.

Some of the most popular rental cars are also high on the list of stolen vehicles. Criminals may try to strip a vehicle to sell the parts or use it in the commission of a crime. MooveTrax provides the tools and advanced technology to protect vehicles, monitor them, and quickly regain possession of a stolen car. It preserves the life of a rental or rideshare vehicle and saves the owner money.

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