Monteranc Cosmetics in Gangnam District: The Secret Behind Captivating the Global Wealthy

Monteranc has become a buzzworthy beauty brand in Korea, mainly known for its baby face serum in the Gangnam District. Gangnam is renowned for being home to the country’s wealthiest residents. Monteranc’s best-selling Volumefilling Serum initially had over 90% of its buyers residing in Gangnam, showcasing the brand’s growth through word-of-mouth popularity within this affluent area. Although its market share in Gangnam has slightly decreased as the brand gained nationwide popularity, Gangnam still leads in sales volume, reflecting the ongoing love for Monteranc among its residents.

This trend continues even after the brand has expanded globally. Following its launch in China last December, the brand quickly became a topic of conversation among the wealthy in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, with most customers from China’s affluent class.

A Monteranc representative commented on this phenomenon: “Even though we don’t specifically focus on luxury marketing, our product quality seems to naturally attract word-of-mouth in regions with high purchasing power where residents have experienced various high-quality products.”

Indeed, Monteranc is a brand that prioritizes product quality over marketing.

One or two unique ingredients are usually only found in luxury cosmetics, but the Volumefilling Serum contains over 80 of them, so it is not the cheapest option. However, despite several upgrades, the price of the Volumefilling Serum has remained the same as it was ten years ago. The Monteranc representative added, “We will continue to invest a significant portion of our profits into improving product quality and strive to offer products with high-quality ingredients at reasonable prices to many people.”

Monteranc’s Global Mall ( is available from March 2024 in the United States, where it has become popular among wealthy women.

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