Monspace is a 4-year-old, youthful, creative multinational corporation brimming with potential.

The company was founded in 2014. It originated in China, set foot in Malaysia, and now set eyes on the world. Starting with e-commerce, the company’s vision and foresight allowed it to expand to various industries across Asia and Europe in just 4 short years. Under the leadership of founder and CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, Monspace has tapped into e-commerce, food and beverage, hospitality, telecommunications, entertainment, health, beauty, and now the revolutionary blockchain market.

Monspace is known for its technical expertise, astute observation, passion, innovation, and capable talents. It continuously seeks to learn and innovate in this ever-changing, ever-evolving world. Monspace’s corporate culture and operations are built on its core believes, which has remained our blueprint since day one: To develop outstanding brands and technologies, produce exceptional quality; strive for innovation, and embrace revolutions. We are bound by honesty and integrity, and a duty to protect our shareholders’ interests. To reach for a common goal through teamwork, To uphold and be proud of our civic responsibility and motto, “life inspiring life”.

The company is committed to creating value for its customers and business partners. With innovative thinking, new technologies and qualified experts, we continue to explore new opportunities for business development through strategic innovations in retail, new products, services and markets. In the past two years, Monspace has focused its business on expanding emerging industries. We tapped into the prospects of health technology, and even joined the blockchain industry. We built CPMall based on big data, creating a platform for shopping, fashion, and lifestyle. The website’s data-centric operations allows it to offer the best products and quality to its customers.

It’s also worth mentioning that Monspace is actively investing into food technology. We have collaborated with the Chinese aerospace food industry to create health supplements fit for space. The scale of these operations are global, and are the key highlights of Monspace’s global expansion plans in 2019, and part of its strategy to penetrate the health tech industry. Besides business development, Monspace also cares deeply its community. Besides improving the quality of life for people through our products and services, we also invest in the betterment of public goods such as education and environmental conservation. For the sake of our next generation, we vow to build an enterprise that is sustainable and beneficial for society. Monspace, life inspiring life!

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