MONSPACE Hosts Inaugural World Conference for Sports Medicine 2017

MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic, a Monspace Multinational Corp company, hosted the Inaugural World Conference for Sports medicine (WCEM) 2017 at the Gold Sands Hotel in Pulau Langkawi. Medical experts from around the world were invited to share their expertise and insights about sports medicine, highlighting the importance of exercise.

WCEM 2017 was also lauded by World Health Organisation Malaysia, receiving praise for raising awareness about the importance of sports medicine among Malaysians.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), lack of exercise is now the fourth largest cause of death, contributing to 6% of global deaths. It comes only after high blood pressure (13%), smoking (9%), and diabetes (6%). It also compounds other health conditions such as arterial blockage, diabetes, cancer etc.

Statistics also tell us that Malaysians are having increasingly high rates of diabetes due to lack of exercise. In 2011, 15.2% of people above the age of 18 has diabetes, amounting to roughly 50,000 people—highest among Southeast Asia.

WCEM invited world-class medical experts from around the world to share the role of exercise in various kinds of treatments and prevention of common diseases. These experts hail from 27 countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Australia, Sweden, Italy, America, the United Kingdom and more. Topics vary from chronic diseases to cancer prevention, offering participants a holistic understanding of sports medicine.

The invited medical professionals are all respected authorities of their industry, and have published numerous literature in their respective niches. These include NSCA member and chairperson of the Sports medicine Research Association of Edith Cowan University Perth Dr. Robert Newton, sports medicine professor at Comenius University Slovakia Dr. Leornada Garliuto, Associate Professor Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Italy, and Associate Professor Dr. Ian Lahart from the University of Wolverhampton.

Raja Dato’ Seri Yong Sofia was the honorary chairperson of the inaugural WCEM, and was present to officiate the event.

The conference also saw a speech by Dr. Temo Waqaniyalu, committee on the non-communicable disease unit at World Health Organisation (WHO).

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