Monspace hosted a celebratory gala on the fourth day of Chinese New Year

On the fourth day of Chinese New Year, Monspace hosted a celebratory gala that saw participants of all races enjoying the festive season together, right at the headquarters of Monspace!

“I am so thankful that everyone attended regardless of ethnicity. What moved me most was that even friends with mobility challenges made the effort to attend the big night!” saids Monspace group CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai.

These differently abled persons include Malay, Chinese, and Indian friends. They braved the inconveniences and crowd, just to spend time together with everyone and enjoy the festive mood.

Host was so surprised to see them, but also equally touched. Their laughter and smiles really added a lot of joy and sunshine to the event!

While giving out ang pows, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai had small talks with these attendants and found out that some of them actually live far away. It was difficult, but they decided to make the trip anyway to the gala. It wasn’t just for fun—they also wanted to understand and experience Chinese New Year for themselves.

The conversations also showed  just how positive and happy they are, though differently abled. They’ve never once gave up on living the best life they could, and make the effort to participate in activities and be integrated into society. Not once did they mumble or allow themselves to be negative about their challenges.

“That’s the spirit we should appreciate and aspire to have! I want to thank all our non-Chinese friends who joined us in this celebration, and our differently-abled peers for showing up. This Chinese New Year is made meaningful because of your presence.” Dato’ Sri Jessy expressed excitingly.

Life inspiring life—that’s what Monspace spirit aim to do anytime it could, with everything it have. So that everyone can live in a society that embraces them with love.

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