Mommy and Daughter Duo Launch Amaris and Chaya, the Adorable, Dark Skin Play Dolls

Amaris and Chaya is a new business that has been launched to offer soft, handmade dolls featuring dark skins for children of all ages! This dream doll was birthed by a mommy and daughter duo who struggled with finding non-plastic dolls which were easy to play with and which represented the black skin. The lives of some kids are about to get more exciting with the launch of this new product for kids on May 1, 2021.

It is common to walk into a kids store and find majorly dolls which are made out of plastic and also a limitation when it comes to skin tones. Black parents and kids of reasonable age should be able to feel included and safe even when it comes to toys, hence the creation of this beautiful idea to create dolls which are not just environmentally healthy, but also dolls that represent black children.

Amaris and Chaya dolls were created when I could not find a suitable doll that was not plastic, easy to play with, and represented my daughter as a black little queen,” says creator Temi Onabolu.

For ages, black kids have grown up playing with dolls that only represented the white skin. This may not seem like a problem, but it shapes children’s ideas of what beautiful looks like, making it hard for black kids to accept their identity. While black dolls would not solve the problem of racial identity, it is a good place to start teaching not just black kids, but all children how diverse and beautiful the different races are. 

The Amaris and Chaya dolls range between 37-45cm and are made of soft tissues like cotton yarn, soft yarn, cotton filler, fabric, sheep fleece and their outfits are crochet. These dolls are a perfect companion to every kid and not just limited to kids of color. There is also a doll made with the famous Japanese Amigurumi art of making crocheted dolls.

For instance, the Amaris doll is a black girl with a rich dark melanin skin tone. She is of African descent and is wearing a black top with a black and white skirt, and a red bows in her dual pony styled hair.

With these dolls, my aim is to empower black children to take pride in who they are, embrace their heritage and color and know that there is nothing they cannot achieve in this world,” says Temi.

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