Mohca Launches New YouTube Channel

YouTube video channels account for a large portion of many websites traffic on the Internet. So it is no wonder that when launched their new YouTube channel earlier this month, it has dramatically increased website’s traffic.

Mohca’s YouTube channel’s agenda is to upload weekly videos that will cover most important news and will keep their subscribers up to date. Mohca’s creators are hoping to get 10,000 subscribers over the next year and at least 20 thousands views per each video.

Every educational video will also be posted on website both in a video and audio formats, so that people could listen to the latest updates when they are in a car driving to or from from or when they just don’t have time to read an actual article or watch a video. This alone is going to take the website to the next level.

Mohca’s website is relatively new, but it has already attracted many visitors. Video channel is one of the key elements that website was missing for a long time. Now, thanks to the hard work of Mohca’a contributor George, their YouTube channel is finally up and running.
“High quality videos is a very most important thing for us at this point. We hired a spokesperson already, as well as a team of video editors and graphic designers. We are certain that more people will subscribe to our channel once we re-brand it and add quality content. A lot of work needs to be done in order to achieve our goal. But I’m glad to report that we have already received many questions and positive feedback on our YouTube channel. Many of our videos have a lot of comments, likes, and the number of subscribers is constantly growing. We discovered that the more people are subscribing to our channel, the more traffic is getting. In the near future we will run various sweepstakes and giveaway promotions to motivate people to engage more in a discussion. We also plan to build a social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And we will most certainly start our own daily podcast show to cover top stories,” commented George.

Media Contact
Company Name: Mohca.Us
Contact Person: Vitaliy Leonov
Phone: +1 786 309 3998
Country: United States