April 6, 2018 – If you have ever had reservations about getting a drone, the modularized drone is all the motivation you need. It is made up with building blocks (Legos) has high impact resistance and anti-drop ability that enables it to fly in any place and it has modified gyroscopes.

The product is from Your choice, a company that is all about innovative products, serving high tech electronics like the Mini cube camera, Bluetooth earphone, etc.

Here’s why you will love the modularized drone.

It is the first and best of its kind, it can be turned into either an aircraft, ship, or a car! It is literally the toy of your childhood dreams – created to make your Lego prototypes fly, just as you have always wanted. The possibilities with the modularized drone are infinite.

The modularized drone is rugged, portable and can be assembled in about 1 Minute. It is equipped with High Definition Wi-Fi camera which has 360-degree angle view and a real-time map transmission that captures aerial film and photos with utmost ease. The DIY universally assembling clamp makes it rotate freely and complete all kinds of challenge.

The drone’s system module has a limitless and automatic on/off function, making it possible for the drone to switch from one carrier mode to another.

For entry-level pilots, the modularized drone has an air pressure altitude setting system that makes for excellent stability in the air, this makes it the best option in the market for you.

In the button motor, a motor propeller fixed to a clip whose angle can be reversed freely. The design of button motor cover makes it a lot more convenient to replace the motor and means that damages do not put your whole craft out of commission. The motor can be turned forward and rearward.

Check out the Indiegogo page to learn more. A contribution of $89 will preorder a special perk which includes a modularized drone and VR glass. It is free shipping all over the world.

It’s an aircraft… It’s a car… It’s the Modularized Drone.

Other product functions include:

Customized gyroscope, Altitude setting module, Motor reversing, Air pressure altitude setting, One-key departure and landing, App Wi-Fi Control, Real Time transmission, Gravity Sensor control, 360-Degree rolling, Frontless Mode, One-key retreat, Speed control, Up and down, left and right, back and forth, sideward flying.

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