Modified Starch Market will reach more than US$ 13 Billion by 2024

“Modified Starch Market will reach more than US$ 13 Billion by 2024”
Renub Research report titled “Modified Starch Market, Production & Forecast, Sectors (Corn, Wheat, Cassava, Potato), Regions (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, ROW), Segments (Confectionery & Drinks, Processed Food, Corrugating & Paper Making, Feed, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Non-food), Company Analysis” studies global modified starch market & production. This 180 page report with 153 Figures provides all-encompassing analysis of growth drivers, restraining factors, market & production trends.

Renub Research “Modified Starch Industry Report 2017” report provides in-depth analysis on the current state of the Modified Starch industry with a focus on the global market.

Modified starch is basically determined by positive functional properties of modified starch in food industry, expanding interest for clean name items, developing convenience food division, and inexhaustible accessibility of maize. Recently, modified starch has becoming active with margin expansion enhancing the profitability in view of multitude of applications and functions in many food and non-food segments. Current expansion of the developing economies and the demands of processed and convenience foods among people with rising incomes, has created very attractive opportunities for the modified starch market as it is being actively used in food and beverages industries today.

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Even if, native starch does have its industrial uses, functionality of modified starch usually requires in industry. The modification is attaining in one of two ways-either by the starch manufacturers, who modifies the starch without disorderly the granules, or by the customer who cooks and modifies the starch in a single step. Starch may be customized in various ways, both chemically and physically.

Production of Modified Starches

The Starch slurry is submitted into a well agitated container. After the required adjustments of pH and temperature, the reagents are added, sometimes over a period of several hours and the reaction is allowed to proceed. In addition, a sample is analyzed to ensure that the correct properties have been carried out, after which the reaction is terminated, if necessary, by pH change or other means. The reacted starch is washed and concentrated in hydro cyclones or other systems, after which it is dewatered and dried in the normal way and pregelatinised.

At present, modified starch is being widely used as one of the major ingredients in several industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and non-food, paper, textile, beverages and, which has the potential to augment its market in the recent years.


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Market Segmentation: Modified Starch

On the basis of raw materials the modified starch market is categorized as Corn, Wheat, Cassava and Potato. The modified starches are used in all starch applications such as emulsifier, binder, thickening agent, and stabilizer in food and on-food industries.

Besides, the modified starch market is also categorized on the basis of its application in numerous industries like Confectionery and Drinks, Processed food, Corrugating and Paper Making, Feed, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals and other non-food. Modified starch is widely used in confectionery, bakery and dairy products in order to enhance their texture and stability and in pharmaceutical industry; it is used in the formulation of tablets.



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Regional Aspects: Americas have the maximum production share

On the basis of regions, the modified starch market has been segmented into Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. The modified starch market is mostly dominated by Americas and Asia-Pacific. While on the basis of production, Americas is having the maximum production share among the regions that studied in the report.

Market Key Players: Modified Starch

Some of the key players in the global modified starch market include Cargill, Ingredion, Tate & Lyle, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Riddhi Siddhi Gluco Biols Ltd. and Gulshan Polyols Ltd.


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