Modernized Riding with Miraculous Smart Ideawheel Z5 Folding Electric Scooter

Ideawheel Z5 electric scooter redefines the concept of modern riding as Z5 standing up electric scooter solves many commuting problems from the traditional commuting bikes or motorcycles.

The high-tech innovations has reshaped the life for people and for daily commuting, Ideawheel Z5 standing up electric scooter is a rock star in modern commuting tool because Z5 is providing speedy, relaxing and comfortable scooter riding experience for Ideawheel scooter riders can more and more young riders follows the trend of modernized riding with Ideawheel Z5.

Ideawheel electric scooter

To better minimize the discomfort from riding on bumpy roads, Ideawheel Z5 electric standing scooter is specially designed with double anti-damping mechanism and the force from bumps can be effectively reduce by 200%. Ideawheel riders are able to ride with maximized stability and enjoy a smooth and relaxing scooter riding experience with Ideawheel Z5 two-wheeled electric scooter. Imagine how wonderful the riding experience would be if riders do not need to care too much about road situations as Ideawheel Z5 electric scooter enables the most stable and smooth riding experience.

Ideawheel electric scooter

Apart from bumps, modern scooter riding can better overcome slippery road conditions with Ideawheel Z5 foldable electric scooter. With the special design of an 8-inch sized air core tire in the front and a solid rear tire, Ideawheel Z5 is having great land-holding capacity as well as marvelous anti-slippery functionality. The superior anti-slippery design makes scooter riding extremely safe and pleasurable. With Ideawheel Z5, riding is no longer just a way of daily commuting, instead, it is a daily entertainment for fun and enjoyment.

Ideawheel electric scooter

Apart from comfortable and modern scooter riding experience, Ideawheel Z5 electric mobility scooter also relieves riders from the anxiety of the power-out of carry-on electronic equipment. Ideawheel Z5 electric scooter is having a USB interface that can help to charge mobile, or any other common electronic equipment. Ideawheel riders are able to enjoy a carefree scooter riding in the open air and do not need to worry about the power-out of their carry-on electronic equipment.

In a word, Ideawheel Z5 electric scooter has redefined the concept of modern scooter riding and makes scooter riding extremely easy, relaxing, pleasurable and safe. Ideawheel Z5 is real star in Ideawheel product series.

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