Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine trial starts enrolling high-dose arm

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine trial starts enrolling high-dose arm

Leading provider of mRNA technology solutions, Moderna, begins the enrolment of subjects for the phase 1 trial of their COVID-19 vaccine

Moderna recently provided an update on their COVID-19 vaccine, stating that the company has started the enrolment of subjects at the highest dose. In a similar update, the company stated that people in another trial had anti-Zika antibodies after receiving the biotech’s vaccine against that virus.

Vaccines have been a major application of Moderna’s mRNA platform even the COVID-19 crisis. However, the company’s efforts in developing a prophylactic to fight the virus have increased interest in its vaccine work.

Moderna has regularly put out statements about the progress of its vaccines. It recently revealed that the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-led phase 1 study of its COVID-19 candidate mRNA-1273 has begun the enrollment of subjects to receive the highest dose. The trial has three arms with the administration of doses of 25 mcg, 100 mcg, and 250 mcg.

The timeline suggests that the world has to wait for a little while to get an early look at clinical data on the vaccine. Meanwhile, observers have continued to scrutinize the rest of Moderna’s pipeline of prophylactic vaccines to ascertain that the rest of Moderna’s pipeline of prophylactic vaccines.

Moderna is also providing an update on its Zika virus candidate mRNA-1893 at the vaccine day. Results reveal that the 10 µg and 30 µg regimens, which are the lowest doses used in the trial, induced seroconversion in 94% and 100% of participants, respectively. Seroconversion is the process through which people gain neutralizing antibodies against a pathogen such as Zika or SARS-CoV-2.

A single vaccination of the 30 µg dose level was sufficient to convert baseline flavivirusseronegative participants,” said Moderna. However, the seroconversion rates were taken from subjects who received two doses 28 days apart. Moderna said, “there was a clear benefit” to the two-dose regimen.

Moderna also discovered that the vaccine-induced a neutralizing antibody response in seropositive subjects. In participants who already had antibodies against the virus, Moderna tracked a fourfold boost. Three-quarters of subjects who received two 30 µg shots experienced similar boosts.

The Zika trial also reiterates the safe of the company’s vaccine platform. Subjects used for the trial have not reported any serious adverse events or adverse events of special interest relating to the vaccine. Moderna said safety “did not appear affected by the second vaccination norflavivirus-positive baseline serostatus.”

While it is looking like good news for the world, there is still a long way to go for the Zika vaccine, and of course, the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.

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