Modern Medical Procedures are Improving Men’s Health in Barcelona

It is not unusual for common medical complaints to leave us with scarred or damaged bodies or feeling out of shape or different from those around us. Fortunately, modern medical procedures are able to help us to improve our health and recover from potentially difficult conditions.

Modern travel and global communications have increased the options available for treatment, and many people are choosing to travel around the world to meet professionals who can help them to achieve their goals.

The people at Antiaging Group Barcelona have been promoting their services helping people to recover from difficult health conditions through surgery.

“Surgical recovery procedures are increasingly common” declared a spokesperson from the company “helping people who have gone through difficult medical conditions to recover their body, have painful conditions reversed, or to have their body returned to what it should be medically”.

“We currently offer surgery for people suffering from the medical condition of gynecomastia, which in men is caused by an excess of oestrogen or because they are overweight. This condition can often cause pain in the chest area due to the swelling, and a relatively straightforward medical procedure can help to reduce the size of the breasts and remove the pain. This breast reduction for enlarged breasts involves a surgical reduction of the tissue”.

“Our skilled surgeon completes this procedure with an incision of 1cm on the side of the chest, from which liposuction can take place to reduce the problem tissue. This is often done as a day case, although in some cases the client may need to stay in hospital for one night.”

“Our pectoral implants are surgical-grade, non-leaking silicone offering safety, comfort and security for our male clients. These are appropriate for our clients who have had illness or injury in the chest area, perhaps an accident that has caused damage or an invasive illness such as breast cancer, and they can repair the original look of the body prior to the damage taking place”.

“Implants” continued the spokesperson “are inserted via the armpits under general anaesthetic with usually only one night in hospital required. This ensures that it is a quick procedure that cannot be easily detected from the outside, and other than intense physical exercise which will take a little longer, the client can resume their normal life in a few days”.

About Antiaging Group Barcelona

Antiaging Group Barcelona are a specialist medical and emergency healthcare provider based in Barcelona, Spain.

Specialising in giving medical care to clients in multiple languages, Antiaging Group Barcelona are able to do a wide range of different procedures for clients in their well-equipped and modern facilities, whilst helping to arrange accommodation and travel, and all in a warm Mediterranean climate that promotes healing. The company is able to accompany clients on hospital visits and provide personal interpreter services when required.

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