Modern Cryptocurrency BitRS Propels Indian Online Business Industry Forward

In recent news, BitRS Coin announced the launch of a new modern cryptocurrency named BitRS that has received global interest due innovative approach and security over other cryptocurrencies and traditional bank notes. The new cryptocurrency has been designed to be an innovation in blockchain, which will help common people to become part of blockchain revolution.

The launch of the the BitRS coin marks a new wave of growth for the Indian market that has been ready to step into the crypto currency market with its unique cryptocurrency. The aim of the BitRS Coin development team is to educate user of various benefits of using virtual currency as mode of transactions while giving them most secure crypto currency developed by Indian company. BitRs Coins is Ethereum based ERC20 Token, the Ethereum blockchain has ability to customize as per currency holder’s needs through solidity contracts, making it the world’s most secure blockchain network.

BitRS Coin was developed by a group of seasoned Forex traders and technical analysts, who believe that India needs to fully grasp the idea of Cryptocurrencies and reasons behind its ability to secure a place of great importance in today’s world of internet and e-commerce. Cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency; it is a digital medium of exchange. When the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin became popular, people learned about a new way of transferring money around the Internet. The word Crypto- comes from cryptography, which is used to ensure anonymity but also to provide a secure peer-to-peer network for the transfer. Due to the major shift towards doing business online, Cryptocurrencies have become a part of their own FOREX system. In fact, Trading in this new type of currency has made many people millionaires every day. Today, there is a variety of cryptocurrencies; however most of them have drawbacks. BitRS has been designed to overcome these shortcomings, and provide the Indian market a strong foothold with a secure, reliable and powerful cryptocurrency.

BitRs has hired international experts to manage the coins supply by introducing BitRs Tokens, which can be traded against BitRs Coins. BitRS is also listed on a reputed crypto exchange.


BitRs Coin is an Ethereum based ERC20 Token developed by BitRs Coin, a group of expert forex traders and technical analysts. BITRS Cryptocurrency is an easy and affordable decentralized alternative traditional currency.

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