MobyTrader™, Groundbreaking Bitcoin Trading App, Crosses 150,000 User Mark While Still In Beta

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS, November 15th, 2017 – With the slogan “Easy milli-bitcoin trading on your smartphone”, MobyTrader™, the Dutch-developed app by FinTech company Mobytronics is on a mission to simplify and demystify cryptocurrency trading, has already amassed a significant user base – 150,000 users, to be exact – and all while still being in its beta stage.

The MobyTrader™ app features the lowest average order size you can make, penny orders of 0.1 mBTC.  What’s more, MobyTrader™ requires no more than the smallest bitcoin deposit for users to start trading and offers automatic withdrawals in the blockchain. Additionally, the MobyTrader™ app facilitates various order types, such as single-cell; multiple-cell; vertical and horizontal orders on crypto (CRYEX) and FOREX markets.

App traders enjoy around-the-clock access to global crypto-currency markets, including to a selection of markets while real-time notifications to alert traders of relevant economic events. Trading tools, such as “technical analysis, trend lines, and Bollinger bands” will soon be available to all MobyTrader™ users, while those new to cryptocurrency trading can benefit from the MobyTrader™Trading Program, which promises to help them “master the art of crypto- trading in no time.”

Mr. Paul de Groot, MobyTrader™ CEO, said that “I became interested in Bitcoin, and other types of cryptocurrency, when they first came online – but the concept felt very complicated to me. It took me a while to understand the process of acquiring cryptocurrency, wallets and where to invest. I wanted to invent something that would make it easier for everybody.”

He continued, “There was no simple solution out there that could help people with no experience in the digital currency world. After doing a great deal of research in trying to find an app of that would fulfill that need, and coming up short, the idea behind the MobyTrader™ app was born. Its aim is to help millions of people micro-invest and trade in the Bitcoin world, without having to be an expert.”

Elaborating on the concept, Mr. de Groot went on to say “Our company wants to help people trade with Bitcoins, through incorporating very low order sizes, charging no fees, and enabling automatic withdrawals in the blockchain. This way, people can try and learn with investing with pocket change, while not carrying the risk of losing large amounts. Our goal is to be the biggest Crypto-trader in the lowest price range. So, in essence, MobyTrader™ is comprised of a huge amount of bitcoin traders, while carrying no fees, or very low risks.”  

Expanding on the company’s growth track, Mr. Andros Sturgeon, MobyTrader™ CMO said that “We are an award-winning startup, having recently won the Benzinga award, and we are about to hire a bunch of new developers.  It’s really great when you get to that point in a company. I’ve never personally been involved with a project so revolutionary. “  

Concluding his statements, Mr. Sturgeon went on to note that “Since the news broke that the first Bitcoin Market Trader for mobile devices was being launched, MobyTrader™ has gained significant worldwide exposure in more than 134 countries. Today, MobyTrader™ is one of the most talked about financial apps on the market, with many calling it one of the most important tools in the cryptocurrency world.”

The MobyTrader™ app is available for download through the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.

The company’s imminent plans include the release of world’s first mobile micro-crypto-exchanger which will allow you to buy small amounts of different types of cryptocurrency like Ethers, Bitcoin and Dash with your credit card.

No further information is available at this time. MobyTrader™ will announce the date of its ICO, the launch of tradable digital stock company ownership, their micro-crypto-exchanger and the app’s full release, in future communications with the press.



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MobyTrader is on a mission to demystify finance by bringing comprehensible products to everyone. Gateways to help discover the crypto world for anybody, anytime. Latest mobile game technology stacks guarantees the user experience everybody expects: easy, challenging and transparent. MobyTrader connects to a whole new financial audience, every day, everywhere. MobyTrader™ will be operating from Tallinn, Estonia at final release.

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Mobytronics is a leading Dutch based Crypto FinTech 2.0 developer and consultation company, using blends of state of the art technology stacks with skill sets derived from various industries like Finance, Crypto, Game, Mobile and Math by our officeless teams from all over the world. We have created products like realtime FIAT and CRYEX global data feed generation, white papered math translated into real time option pricing of new derivatives like the Ranger Option, subsecond ultra fast mobile trading platforms, in-out automated crypto payment gateways, and mobile crypto micro exchangers. We are happy to help you out to create the products together to its final state.

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Mobytron Holding is a Dutch based FinTech 2.0 investment company. “We believe that Crypto Finance will outgrow current Mobile Games industry innovations.”

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