Mobius Vendor Partners Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary Creator of CustomerCount® Reaches Milestone

Mobius Vendor Partners (MVP), the well-known business process design, management and performance improvement company and creator of CustomerCount® feedback system, celebrates its twentieth year in business this year.

February 22, 2019– (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – Mobius Vendor Partners (MVP), the well-known business process design, management and performance improvement company and creator of CustomerCount® feedback system, celebrates its twentieth year in business this year.

Over the past two decades, Mobius has developed strategic and tactical business plans,  goals, objectives and Key Performance Indicators; direct marketing processes, primarily those involving inbound and outbound call center resources; designed and redesigned operational processes within service industries  for greater efficiency and effectiveness; developed and implemented quality control standards, measures and processes and also  developed and implemented marketing, sales and service initiatives.

The Indianapolis-based company was founded by Robert A. Kobek, RRP in  1999.  Prior to forming MVP, Kobek spent more than thirty years in the direct marketing industry and government. Specializing in the design, implementation and marketing of products and services, Mr. Kobek, President of MVP and CustomerCount,  has designed more than 150 outbound telemarketing, inbound customer service and order processing operations and interactive information systems. During the last three decades, he has been involved with vacation ownership industry and is a regular presenter at both ARDA (American Resort Development Association)  and  PACE (Professional Association for Customer Engagement.)

Mr. Kobek reflected on MVP’s strengths saying “the word ’partner’ has a prominent place within our company name and within our organizational philosophy. Whether interacting with a vendor or client, Mobius’ approach to each is that of a partner. We are committed to ensuring an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and responsibility with our clients and vendors. We know it is through their success that we are successful. We believe that due in part to this philosophy we have been privileged to retain on-going multi-year contractual working relationships with a large percentage of our clients.”

Bill Morris, who joined Mobius in 2005 as the Managing Partner adds “the core value of providing exceptional service with exceptionally fair pricing is a cornerstone of our culture”.

Over the years ,  MVP’s experience confirmed the importance of measuring performance and creating tools to help manage customer feedback to improve customer experience within three segments of the timeshare industry:  sales experience, contact experience and product experience.  This knowledge led Mobius to launch CustomerCount in 2007 for a major timeshare exchange company.  Since then,  the acceptance of the platform has been widespread in the hospitality sector and other industries as well.   An enterprise customer feedback system, CustomerCount is a flexible solution providing intuitive real time reporting, fast turnaround on updates, detailed and dynamic data gathering with comprehensive reporting for process improvement and customer loyalty to improve the bottom line. The system, available in 40 different languages, is the only feedback system designed specifically for the leisure travel industry. It is easily adaptable to gather information for numerous industries and a plethora of purposes.

Lisa Kobek, EVP/Client Services says that due to the flexibility of the CustomerCount platform “we have the opportunity to design surveys and reports with our clients in mind.  We listen to their needs and provide thorough training to get them what they need to make informed decision.”

Last year, CustomerCount’s capabilities  increased exponentially with the introduction of WRAP (Worldwide Research Analytics Program).  WRAP expands upon these capabilities by offering optional reporting enhancements that reveal deep insights into customer attitudes and sentiments, while identifying areas for process and service improvement.

With its responsive design and device recognition capabilities, CustomerCount also offers Full Text Search and the ability for guests to make on-site service requests right from their mobile devices.

Because of its thorough understanding of the importance of positive and helpful Customer Engagement Practices, CustomerCount sponsors two major Customer Engagement Awards, one in partnership with PACE and the other with Resort Trades Magazine.  Recipients and their employers both receive awards in the annual competition.

Whether assisting clients with business processes or helping them gather and analyze data about their customers, both MVP and CustomerCount are known for taking the time to learn the significant aspects of their client’s  organization and industry that impact the areas of performance upon which their efforts are focused. Armed with this intelligence, they are positioned to measure and provide effective recommendations and solutions to enhance their client’s  process performance.

About Mobius Vendor Partners

Founded in 1999, Mobius Vendor Partners (Mobius) is a business process design, management and performance improvement company with personnel committed to excellence in assessment and deployment. We help our client organizations increase efficiency and effectiveness to gain positive, bottom line impacts. At Mobius, we provide solutions whose immediate or forecasted impacts are measurable in quantitative and/or qualitative terms. We work with our clients to identify the key performance indicators related to our solutions and develop processes/systems for effective reporting.

About CustomerCount®

CustomerCount is a feature-rich, cloud-based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting and detailed dynamic data gathering capabilities to support process improvement efforts, build customer loyalty and improve ROI. CustomerCount was initially designed for the hospitality and contact center industries and is now used by organizations across numerous different vertical markets and industries.  For more information, visit

CustomerCount | Customer Feedback Management

The top rated customer feedback management system; offering continuous invaluable insights into a company’s Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction.

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