MIXTILE Hub, a User-Friendly Smart Home Controller, Offers One Source for All Devices

Easy to use, secure and robust, the MIXTILE Hub is the best device for smart homes. Looking for remote controls and dealing with multiple apps to control smart homes is history with the MIXTILE Hub. With so many options for smart homes, this new, innovative technology changes the smart home industry. 

MIXTILE Hub can be set up in about five minutes. With built-in voice assistance, users have their hands free. Simply make a voice request like, “Turn on lights.” The lights turn on, and the Hub responds with, “Lights are on.”

It’s also internet independent so there’s no concern for devices being hacked or Wi-Fi going down. Most any other smart home controller is dependent on being online and storing data in the cloud. The Hub’s powerful processor handles and stores data locally with 8G of storage. It also has a battery backup if needed that keeps running for at least ten hours.

MIXTILE Hub removes the need to have multiple controls and devices to control smart home devices. Use it to control thermostats, lights, TVs, cameras, humidifiers and more. Keep updated with its instant notifications. It’s compatible with most all Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It works with ZigBee, Z-Wave and other connected devices with corresponding adaptive plug-ins. The controller covers up to a 30m radius and can control more than 500 devices simultaneously.

A MIXTILE Hub starter kit includes a climate, water leak, motion and contact sensors as well as a smart outlet.

Media representative, Laura Rice, said “The Hub demonstrates the next evolution in smart homes. It’s an exciting innovation, and we are excited to launch our crowdfunding campaign.”

MIXTILE Hub has been featured at three electronics industry events in 2017 and has attended the CES 2018. Now it’s the world’s turn to get involved with bringing the Hub to life through the crowdfunding campaign.


MIXTILE delivers smart technologies that bring convenience and security. Allowing homeowners to live comfortably and enjoyably through smart home products is part of the company’s commitment. MIXTILE values innovation and focuses on the research and development of quality-assured products. From the MIXTILE smart outlet for power control to the cutting-edged MIXTILE Hub for home automation, a thoughtful series of MIXTILE smart home products is on the way.

For more information: https://www.mixtile.com/

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