Mitigate E-Commerce Perils the Bitzon Way

With the evolution of technology, the e-commerce market has been experiencing an ongoing momentum. Several organizations from small to big have taken an active interest in trading goods and services on online platforms to gain a broader customer base all across the globe. But maintaining an online e-commerce platform is no less than a challenge. It is mandatory for the business owners to have an adequate amount of resources to manage the operations on the e-commerce platform.

Besides, it requires a lot of financial investment for starting an online setup along with additional monthly charges for shop operations. There are even bureaucratic regulations and transaction fee for international payments. So such a situation is risky for the small-scale manufacturers who are trying to enter the global retail market.

Bitzon – The lifesaver for e-commerce

To mitigate the woes of the e-commerce sector, Bitzon is the world’s first e-commerce platform based on blockchain technology. The platform’s motive is to aid sellers, and buyers get the most value from the e-commerce industry.

Small-scale industries are the ones who earn the most benefit as Bitzon supports them with extensive tools and additional 24*7 support team for maintaining online operations so that vendors can concentrate on brand promotion.

Besides, with Bitzon, sellers now have a platform where they need to pay a minimal monthly payment for showcasing their vivid product range. There is even the freedom of accepting payment on Bitzon platform. Buyer and sellers have the choice to receive and spend in the currency of their choice, Bitzon tokens, or any other currencies. Though, the ones who make payment in Bitzon tokens are entitled to receive lucrative incentives.

The platform also offers 24 hours online customer support along with call recording features to enable transparency in network and leverage business.

How Bitzon aids the small-scale business owners?

In general, it is seen that the small-scale organizations have limited production and they usually trade on the local and regional market. With a workforce of not more than 10-20 people, these organizations combine responsibilities and work them out. They have no separate authorities looking after individual sectors. These organizations even lack in having an extensive customer support team, which is otherwise an essential requirement while entering and competing with e-commerce giants.

Bitzon tackles and solves the following requirements:

• Lack of a broad 24*7 multilingual customer support

The Ehereum based blockchain platform understands that lack of a customer care team will make communication in business indeed perilous. Online shoppers aspire for platforms which have 24*7 multilingual customer care assistance to enhance their shopping experience in various languages and timezone.

Thus Bitzon offers a small scale industry with a 24 hour customer care assistance team to widen the customer base.

• Lack of localization

Launching the products of small-scale manufacturers becomes a problem as these organizations are unable to present their product description by the specificity of various countries.

With Bitzon, online traders can reliably search from the extensive collection of products and make their desired purchase. Bitzon guarantees that the product is sold as described on the platform.

• The high amount of transaction fees and additional charges

Small-scale organizations having limited resource often find it cumbersome to pay the havoc amount of costs required to maintain online shop operations. Besides, other expenses include transaction and conversion fees, taxes, etc.

But here with Bitzon, online traders need to pay a minimum monthly transaction fee, without any additional cost or intervention of intermediaries.

• Lack of customer trust in an unknown seller

The blockchain based e-commerce platform is aware of the customer’s trend towards purchasing products from reputable organizations as they lack confidence in small-scale businesses.

But with Bitzon, online shoppers can now make a hassle-free purchase, as Bitzon has the potential to offer better e-commerce services than most e-commerce platform.

• Lack of “online sales pitch” appropriate for articles

Every online product that is purchased is based on specific parameters. Bitzon aids the small-scale manufacturers to enhance product specification to make it presentable for purchase for the online shoppers.

• The impossibility of automation

Another most importation problem faced by small manufacturers is the lack of technical support for making the online store fully automated. But with Bitzon, it is no more a problem. The additional support team of Bitzon aids small-scale organization full support to maintain the online operations so that the latter can focus on creating brand awareness.

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