Miss Green Planet Pageants to select “climate warriors” for Cities

They are not going to be mere beauty queens strutting around beaming smiles. They are the new green planet queens. Or call them climate warriors. On October 8, several cities in the US and Canada will get their own Miss Green Planet thanks to the new beauty pageant devoted to the urgent case of climate change.

The Miss Green Planet pageants will be held in 27 cities across the US and Canada. The pageant is based on the concept of creating green spokesmodels, who will work towards creating green economies in their home cities.

“If you are like many of your fellow millennials, you are concerned about the impacts of climate  change in our cities. This is an opportunity for young women to be at the forefront  of climate action,” said Melissa Winters, Event Coordinator.

The winners will be decided through a selection process that includes a test of environment knowledge, personality assessment, and community outreach challenges, followed by participation in the pageant day.

Climate change and environment problems call for urgent action. Whether it is flooding and droughts or rise in temperature with ice cap melting, every economy must go carbonless through intervention. 

Commercial models help push products most of which harm the environment. Green models help popularize environmentally friendly products. Green models go beyond the traditional role of models –they are at the forefront of the fight against climate change,” said Melissa Winters, Event Coordinator,

The winners of the pageants will work to raise awareness and take direct action to mitigate effects of climate change. Melissa Winters also added, “The most important attribute of Miss Green Planet is not ‘Is she beautiful?’, but ‘Can she fight?’ Can she push the boundaries for the sake of the environment?”

Miss Green Planet seeks to overcome the obstacles to green transformation –from individual inertia, big businesses still reliant on fossil fuel to lack of political will and high price of green products.

Miss Green Planet sees the city as the epicenter of greenhouse gas emissions. The selected city Miss Green Planet will focus on household consumer choices, proceeding to schools and the local government. They will highlight the need for and initiate changes towards greener food, cosmetics, clothes, transportation, energy, house construction, and so on, thus taking away the consumer base of fossil industries.

To know more, please visit: www.missgreenplanet.com

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