Minnesota Based Company Has Done Something Never Before Been Done with Resistance Bands

A new product designed for physiotherapy and rehabilitation to track Resistance, Pitch, Roll and Yaw while patients perform movement’s using resistance bands

DEER RIVER, MN – 1 February, 2017 – A2D Fitness Systems Inc. has introduced the very first electronic movement tracking system designed specifically to work with resistance bands and tubing in a medical or home care setting.

The Kinisi Tracking System monitors and reports movements in three-dimensional space and additionally tracks the actual resistance experienced by the patient while working with resistance bands.

“This is a revolutionary technology that takes the low-tech resistance band and propels it to a new level of functionality, safety and measurement capabilities. Resistance bands and tubing are used extensively in the Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Homecare markets. The Kinisi Tracking System assists PT’s in providing measurable patient results that were previously not available. Kinisi mitigates injuries to users while working with resistance bands as the actual load experienced by the user is reported in real-time, and consequently can be monitored continually, this takes the guess work out of working within patient load-limits,” said Malcolm J Smith, the President and CEO of A2D Fitness Systems, Inc.


• Lightweight design, weighs 0.22 Kilograms (8 Ounces)
• Rugged aluminum construction
• Bluetooth wireless connectivity
• Rechargeable battery last up to 7 days on a single charge
• Measures resistance up to 50 kilograms (110 Pounds)
• Measures Pitch, Roll and Yaw with +-1 Degree of accuracy
• Reports Acceleration in all three axes, X, Y and Z
• Works with your TV or Monitor
• No software to install
• Setup takes just a few minutes
• Works with industry standard resistance bands and tubing

To learn more about the Kinisi Tracking System, go to our website www.kinisits.com

AboutA2D Fitness Systems, Inc.

A2D Fitness Systems, Inc. develops innovative technologies that are used in the fitness and physiotherapy markets. The core focus is solutions for the efficient measurement of strength and range-of-motion in individuals. A2D Fitness Systems, Inc. is a privately held company based in Minnesota USA and was founded in 1992.

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