Minion Coin Launches ICO to Extract Gamers\’ Data for Market Research

The Minion System is building a data analytics platform that provides mini-games to extract behavioral pattern data from economics and market research.

The Minion Team Co. Ltd., a company based in Singapore is launching its ICO (initial coin offering) to fund its plan to build a platform with simple mini-games based on business simulations to extract behavioral pattern data for the use of economics and marketing research. The concept is to use various choices within the game as data for marketing analysis and research.

The team has gathered and classified the scattered data based on psychology (e.g., application) and statistics (technical, inference) and discovered that Minion System is most suited for academia related industries. When collecting psychological and statistical data, they found that giving the target group an overly complex situation could interfere with the intuitive judgment of the individual, which creates noise in the data collection. Through continuous research, they have come up with a way to store the most intuitive and pure data in the Minion System, and at this point this data collection and extraction method is not yet seen in the world.

The Minion System is planning to build from simple mini-games to business simulations to extract behavioral pattern data from economics and marketing to research statistics and psychology. All games will build a structured database based on the Ethereum Smart Content.

The provider (a.k.a the gamer) who provides anonymous psychological and statistical data through the game will receive a differential payment based on their contribution, and the payment method will be announced through the website later to minimize noise generated from data collection due to abnormal approaches from specific providers. The database is also managed by the Minion System as a blockaded distributed source to provide transparency into the data. And the Dimension System is accessible to everyone, but data redundancy is available through the tools they provide.

Minion Coin provides a public key that is authentic and unaltered for the material. You also get a minion gas to buy a private key. Minion coin has two functions – provides public key function and minion gas. Minion team provides research materials from users. Research materials are provided in encrypted form with public and private keys. The coin has the public key of the encrypted research material. Having a public key in a blockchain in a public environment prevents the forgery of keys. The private key is sold by Minion team.

The Minion team shall recruit partners who use many of the options and solutions that users face in the game as data for statistical and psychological research in a blockchain on a compounded MII. MII partners can lock up the Minion Coin after purchasing it, and MII itself uses it as a research Coin and owns and maintains the MIIs. MII partners will be able to reward participants for MII GAS acquired while maintaining their POS (proof of stake) nodes, which will allow them to earn more participants than their competitors through a solid compensation system. This reward-based gaming system brings in more users, and the reward system helps MII’s partners gather a wide range of data by increasing user participation.

MII partners can obtain transparent and secure data from research or marketing that requires tremendous cost and risk in real life with extremely low fees and costs through MII Coin. The private key can be purchased from Minion team through the minion gas. The key values in these coins and the keys provided will decrypt the research data provided by Minion team.

Minion System ICO token is an ERC-20 Ethereum based token with a total of 100 billion tokens shall be issued but only 15 percent (15 billion) shall be available for the token generation event (TGE).

Minion System ICO pre-sale will commence on the 5th of November 2018 and will be divided into six rounds, ending on 9 December 2018. The main sale shall be live from the 10 to 16 of December 2018. There are minimum contribution amounts of 0.5 ETH and 0.05 BTC respectively.

Media Contact
Company Name: Minion Team Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Sanghun Park
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Phone: +82 10 5195 2441
Country: Singapore