Mindstir Media author Melissa Menzone releases “Rooster Finds Home” and related educational activity book for children

Mindstir Media is proud to announce that Rooster Finds Home, a 38-page full-color children’s book (paperback), and its counterpart, Rooster’s Playtime Activity Book, are available worldwide. 

Rooster Finds Home centers on a little puppy named Rooster, who gets separated from his mother and siblings and has to make his way through woods, unfriendly yards and lonely nights in search of a place to call home. Along the way he’s poked by turkeys, fed by a cat, and chased by a broom, all the while crying for his mother and hoping to be rescued. A policeman finds him, afraid and hiding, on the side of a road. Follow Rooster on his journey from a box in a shed to a home in a log cabin. 

Rooster’s Playtime Activity Book also focuses on Rooster the puppy and provides children with engaging activities that will help teach them counting, spelling, word association, and, of course, coloring.

Rooster Finds Home and Rooster’s Playtime Activity Book are available in softcover at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram.

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About author Melissa Menzone: 

Melissa is the author of several books for preschoolers. She writes fiction and educational works in various genres: picture books, easy readers, and activity books. 

Born in Putnam, Connecticut, Melissa grew up in the small town landscape of Thompson, Connecticut. In high school she competed for and won a seat in the Connecticut Writer’s Symposium with an unfinished thriller novel as her submission. She attended Nichol’s College, then focused on producing business professionals, where she helped found the college’s literary magazine – Windfall. Melissa was Windfall‘s first editor, holding the position for three years. 

Melissa is currently creating another Rooster tale and additional Playtime activities for children. She is also working on an adult fiction series set in 12th century eastern Europe.

For more information, visit her official website at https://melissamenzone.com/ 

About the book publisher, MindStir Media: 

MindStir Media LLC is a one-stop shop for authors. Mindstir handles all aspects of book publishing, including illustration, design, editing, printing, distribution and more.

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