Millicent Haik Shares an Inspiring Book for Today’s Youngsters

Millicent Haik Shares an Inspiring Book for Today’s Youngsters

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – August 23, 2021 – A song-bird with a heart, meet Wanabe an endearing bird that will capture the affection of any child. Penned by Millicent Haik, a twenty-six-page book wonderfully crafted and interestingly illustrated. A book with fascinating characters whose adventure reflects real-life issues.

“Wanabe” is a story of a song-bird who is not contented in being himself. His perception of happiness in the first case was being cool, in second on prowess, and lastly on glamour. He had his desires granted in each case but ended being embarrassed, exhausted, and rejected. He had to face the reality that true happiness lies in being himself and in singing his song with all his heart and soul. Wanabe’s adventures parallel the experiences of many young people so the message being given is universal.

Haik writes an inspiring book for children to guide them to value themselves and not to be a wannabe.

“Wanabe” ranks with the best children’s books that teach important life lessons in an interesting way.

By Millicent Haik
Kindle | $3.99 | 978-1-64753-883-5
Paperback | $8.99 | 978-1-64753-882-8
Available on URLink Print & Media, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers

About the Author

Millicent Haik is a retired teacher and was born in Jamaica, West Indies. She taught in Jamaica and New York and now resides in Florida. Her fifty years of teaching experience in elementary, middle and high school has provided her with hands-on wealth of knowledge in the area of self-awareness. Working with the youth at her church provided the initiative for the writing of this story. She was encouraged by her granddaughter to publish it. “Wanabe” is her debut as an author.

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