Millgate Trains Up their Team for Cyber Security with HPE

Millgate are committed to an ongoing mission to invest time and resources into top quality training and development for their team.

The training activities are focused on the most pressing IT related issues and latest technology.

The latest example of this was a highly engaging session on HPE Gen 10 servers. It took place on 15th November 2017 and proved to be highly valuable and popular.

No less than 40 members of staff attended this training, primed on security issues and the groundbreaking technology behind HPE Gen 10.

Frazer Lummus, Millgates Solutions Manager says “HPE Gen 10 server technology is an estimated 2 generations ahead of their nearest competitors. Today it is the most secure server in the world, meeting even the toughest FIPS and CNSA standards, using a new technology called the ‘Silicone Root of Trust’.

This technology acts like an immutable fingerprint built into the silicone enabling firmware infections to be detected at a hardware level.”

As well as an in-depth sit down session from one of HPE technical experts, the training also included an “escape room” themed game.

This innovative approach used clues based on the training material with the purpose to test and re-enforce knowledge.

Active participation such as this has been shown to help the participants retain more working knowledge of training, meaning they’re able to pass more of the new knowledge on to their clients.

For more information on how Millgate and HPE are stepping up to the challenge of GDPR and cyber security, please visit or contact:

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