Milena Rimassa Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Documentary

Second Selves: Keep Them Guessing is a documentary that looks into the lives of impersonators.

Milena Rimassa and Marco Grujic have joined forces to delve into the lives of doppelgangers who assume the lives of celebrities. They bring the story of one of the quirkiest celebrity impersonators out today,Pavel Sfera.

The Art of Impersonation

Impersonation goes far beyond mimicking a person’s talk, swagger, and public persona.  The difference between a good and great impersonator is that the latter gets inside the psyche of the front-liner to get to the gritty behind the act.

Second Selves: Keep Them Guessing is a gritty, long-form documentary that takes a voyeuristic look into what people adopt, replicate, and project in their daily lives by deconstructing the lives of impersonators.  The filmmakers are on a quest to find out how the line between reality and impersonation blends, blurs, and sometimes confounds those who have made their life’s calling to be a famous person or a “second self.”  Additionally, they seek to expose the strange intersection of impersonation and reality, and the many shades of grey within and beyond assumed identities.

Sfera, a Bono impersonator, recently passed the first round of Romania’s Got Talent.  The documentary follows him as he prepares and then performs for the second round. Contributions made will allow the filmmakers to capture his performance on Romania’s Got Talent, while documenting his homecoming to Serbia, his birthplace.

Located on the web at, pledge levels range from $25 to $2,500, and include everything from:

  • Production Crew – $25 – VIP access to Los Angeles premiere of the documentary and a signed DVD by Director Grujic and Bono impersonator Sfera.

  • Groupie – $50 – VIP backstage pass with all-access to pre-screening concert by Bono impersonator Pavel Sfera, two premiere tickets, and 1 signed DVD.

  • All Access VIP – $100 – Pre-screening concert backstage VIP, 4 premiere tickets, signed DVD, personalized song at the concert.

  • Associate Co-producer – $250 – Pre-screening concert backstage VIP, 6 premiere tickets, signed DVD, name on end credits.

  • Mack Daddy Associate Co-producer – $1,000 – Same as Associate Co-producer with verbal thank you at premiere, name on T-shirt, a mention in limited edition poster, and 8 VIP premiere admissions.

  • Super Mack Daddy Associate Co-producer – $2,500 – Same as Mack Daddy Associate Co-producers, with name in press releases announcing premiere, 10 VIP premiere admissions.


Second Selves: Keep Them Guessing is a documentary that follows a Bono impersonator as he goes back to his birthplace in Serbia and competes on Romania’s Got Talent.

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